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  1. Brownfan80

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  2. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I cranked up the volume, it was loud!
  3. DB15

    DB15 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    that was unbeliveable, they had no business winning that game, holy crap indeed
  4. Brownfan80

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    I had the volume down and it was still loud. I can't help but wish that the pro-game crowds were that intense. Holy moley.

    If our D got that kind of volume I don't think they'd ever allow more than 6 points at home!

    They didn't have any business winning that game, but then that's what people have always said about the Pats since Weis got his fingerprint on our offense.

    Unbelievable comeback. Quinn had ALL DAY to throw on that final drive. The D was just gassed I guess.
  5. Kdo5

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    With Weiss commanding you with a minute left in the game, you just know he will come through with the big clutch win.
  6. Brownfan80

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    I think with that kind of protection even Herm Edwards could get his offense into the W column. That DL gave Brady Q like 7 or 8 seconds (seemed like, maybe less, but still too much) on the TD pass.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    Sorry, Herm would have drawn a delay of game penalty.

    It was a sweet defensive battle, I can't agree that ND didn't have any right to win that, they faced a tough challenger and when the chips were down they executed and their big play guys made a big play when it was needed. Very "Patriotic!"
  8. MoLewisrocks

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    I keep wondering how long they can keep pulling games like this out of their asses. Sputtering offense, spotty to crappy line play, wideouts can't get open or can't catch it if they do, their RB has a burst but is not a tough yardage type, kicker is a crap shoot, secondary can't cover, whole team struggles to tackle. And yet they manage to win if they just keep it close at the end. Brady factor, that's all it can be. Charlie asked him if he had one more comeback in him with a minute and seven left, and he said I always do.

    They remind me of us in 2001 and 2002 = I think the buzz of attention and spin last year coupled with a few key player losses on offense have caused a little let down factor that they just find hard to shake off unless their backs are against the wall. BCS bid probably on the line today.

    Will be interesting to see if Charlie can get them to be the 2003-2004 Patriots as his draft classes come in. No Brady though....
  9. Brady'sButtBoy

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    The UCLA coaching staff must be readers of the Dennis Green manual on how to play to lose. They wasted their TO's early in the half then refused to try to get a 1st down with a pass when all they needed was one 1st down to end it. The coaches, not the players brought on that loss. How many times do you think you can shut down ND at home with their entire season hanging in the balance? Terrible, terrible choke job coaching by UCLA.

    Just wondering, but when was the last time defensive holding wasn't an automatic first down? But then again the UCLA coaches told their punt team to take the delay penalty (even though they would be pushed back to their own 30yd line and made it 4 and 12) which then cost UCLA a first down with the 10 yds the refs did charge ND for holding. Pathetic...
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  10. Fanfrom1960

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    I enjoyed the ND come from behind win, and the Cal - Washington game was even more incredible with a Flutie, or Staubach, or Billy White Shoes Johnson type hail mary to tie it for Washington with no time left. Cal then won in OT. I understand there is no tie to the Patriots for Cal like there is for ND, but I have a lot of ties to Cal. My two favorite college teams and the scores were similar throughout both games.
  11. Beavis

    Beavis Rookie

    When they didnt get the 1st down on the 4th down try with about 2:20 left I turned the channel. When I came back and saw the band playing and BradyQ smiling I let out a "WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED!!??"
  12. Box_O_Rocks

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    I've seen the replay of that toss, too bad I wasn't watching that game. As a Cal fan that catch and score had to mess with your equilibrium! :cool:
  13. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    It's like being a Belichick era Pats' fan, you know the team believes they can come back, so you chew your fingernails a bit. At least with ND my fingernails get a rest when they do this.
  14. kurtinelson

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  15. Brownfan80

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    I didn't see the whole game, so my comment was simply from the fact that the ending sequence was as perfect for ND as you could get.

    Predictable run-run-run-punt situation by UCLA along with the delay of game being taken - negating a first down that would-have-been on the ensuing holding on the punt. Great playmaking on the final drive though, you're right.

    And yeah, you're right about Herm, what was I thinking?
  16. Brownfan80

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    Hey, beauty starts on the inside! ;)
  17. PatsFanInEaglesLand

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    Wow! Against UCLA I am impressed.:rolleyes: Let see if they can do that against the next 2 powerhouses they play, NAVY and NORTH CAROLINA:bricks:
  18. kurtinelson

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    I'd say Charlie has about 300 lbs of beauty on the inside.
  19. DB15

    DB15 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    he was actually bigger than that. pretty scary stuff
  20. mcbee

    mcbee Banned

    How is ND ranked in the top 20? They barely win at home against unranked teams.

    No wonder people hate them so much.

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