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OT: McNabb on Vick and the new Personal Conduct Policy

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MoLewisrocks, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Mar 25, 2005
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    Oddly, I don't recall him feeling this way about his own teamate TO not so long ago... Really, more of them need to learn to take a page out of the BB handbook and just STFU and concentrate on playing football. If Donovan manages to get injured again, he could end up like Daunte Culpepper auditioning as a veteran JAG stopgap somewhere before he knows it.

    McNabb Says He Hopes Things Work Out for Vick

    By Mark Maske
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, August 2, 2007; Page E10

    BETHLEHEM, Pa., Aug. 1 -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said he remains supportive of Michael Vick, even with the Atlanta Falcons quarterback scheduled to go on trial in November on federal dogfighting charges.

    "I'm a supporter of Vick," McNabb said Tuesday at Lehigh University. "That's because I'm a good friend of his and also we're guys that obviously compete to win the Super Bowl. :confused: I must have missed that. We push each other. Now, I don't know exactly what happened in that situation, and I think for all of us that have read over the stuff that was over the Internet, the report, you look at it as kind of like, 'Wow, that's where he should have stopped... you've got your so-called friends and family members turning their back on you now to make their situation better.' They're throwing you under the bus so that they can clean their name. That's unfortunate. That goes to show, I always have a saying that I've always lived by: If you can't trust family, who can you trust? It's an unfortunate situation, and I just hope everything works out well for him where he can get back out on the field."

    Sorry Don, but that's not how I look at it...for me this is not all about suddenly finding out that you can't trust your friends to cover your ass and take federal heat for you...it's about underwriting animal abuse and an illegal gambling ring.

    McNabb and Vick have been close since McNabb hosted the younger player on Vick's recruiting visit to Syracuse. Vick ended up playing at Virginia Tech.

    One of the three men indicted with Vick, Tony Taylor, pleaded guilty Monday and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. The investigation into the alleged dogfighting operation at a property owned by Vick in southeastern Virginia began in late April when law enforcement officers reportedly found dogfighting equipment at the house while on a drug raid focused on Vick's cousin, Davon Boddie, who was not indicted on the dogfighting charges.

    Vick's trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 26. He was ordered by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell not to report to Falcons training camp, pending the outcome of a league review of the case. Goodell toughened the league's conduct policy for players in April. He suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones for the entire 2007 season and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry and former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson for a half-season each. Vick is facing possible disciplinary action under the policy.

    McNabb was among the many players Goodell consulted while formulating the new conduct policy. McNabb said Tuesday evening that he wonders if an offending player might have a better chance to turn around his life by serving a shorter suspension and returning to the structure that football provides.

    "As a football fraternity member, you just want those guys to have that opportunity to get back out there and maybe put that stuff behind them and change their life," McNabb said. "I think for some of the guys that have made the mistake and now that their season is taken away from them, the question goes out of what happens next. Because when some people get things like that taken away from them, they just continue to go down. You hope nothing but the best, that they've learned from their mistakes to move on where they can get back out on the field and play. Being suspended for a year? That's tough. That's tough. . . . You just want everything to kind of work out well for everybody, work out well for us as well as work out well for those guys."

    No Donovan, what you want is for the message to finally sink in that the league and it's fan base isn't going to tolerate thugs and hoodlums creating PR nightmares for their teams and the league any more. This isn't rehab, it's the National Football League where guys get paid millions to play football and represent their team and league. This is why he's a fraud as a leader. This is classic enabler BS - can't we all just get along...unless of course one of us is TO and he's dissing me, 'cause then that guy definitely needs to go. Donovan has that voice over baritone and charasmatic flashing grin, but when you dig past that he is dense as a brick. Which is probably why he dry heaves under pressure. LOL

  2. PatsWickedPissah

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    Disable Jersey

    McNabb is a guy I onced envied as a QB and respected as an individual. He comes from a well educated fine family. That QB envy quickly dissapated starting in 2001 and the respect has steadily diminished.


    Dec 4, 2006
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    Apparently with so much evidence against Vick 'The Only Field' he gets back out on will be one of those fields on the side of a major highway that prisoners get time out of jail to clean up.
  4. Bella*chick

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    When will these guys learn to keep their mouths shut?

    Hopefully, the guys in our organization will not take the bait if asked about Vick. I would hope our guys are smart enough just to keep quiet about it.
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    Jul 29, 2007
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    I lose a lot of respect for almost anyone who stands up for this sicko!:mad:

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