OT: McNabb 100%? Already?

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    Huh? Didn't Reid say he wouldn't start(or practice) again until he reaches 100%. So after TWO weeks of not practicing(and been seen in street clothes on the sidelines), he's all of a sudden completely healed??


    McNabb returns to Eagles, preps for Sunday showdown with Giants

    By BOB LENTZ, Associated Press Writer
    December 5, 2007

    AP - Dec 5, 4:34 pm EST
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    PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Donovan McNabb has his mobility back, and along with it, his starting spot.

    About the reception he'll receive Sunday from fickle Philadelphia Eagles fans, with whom he's had a career-long on-again, off-again relationship, the five-time Pro Bowl quarterback is unsure and even a bit indifferent,

    McNabb returned to practice Wednesday for his first full workout since spraining his right ankle and jamming his thumb in a victory over Miami two weeks ago.

    "I do feel like I'm ready to play," McNabb said before heading off to practice, which was moved indoors because of a light snowfall.

    As a team coming off a pair of disappointing losses with A.J. Feeley directing the offense, one would expect McNabb to receive almost a hero's welcome. That's no sure thing, however, because some fans were calling for McNabb's ouster when the Eagles struggled early-on.
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