OT Leinart celebrated drafting at the Hilton

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mikey, May 8, 2006.

  1. mikey

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    Great he's the next quarterback to contract herpes. Good job.
  3. the taildragger

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    favorite line from Cardinals camp was John Clayton raving about Leinart's "tight spiral," but that he "struggled a little on the 15-yard outs" -- Those spirals are going to look real nice flying into the DB's hands before he takes it to the house.

    clayton is such a dork.

    leinart is a joke and a softie and I can't wait for him to get knocked out -- he's already likened himself to brady -- apparently he needs to be reminded that he's yet to achieve anything at this level.

    trojan turd.

    note to leinart: this ain't the pac-10 dude...they play defense in this league son.
  4. bunzoburns

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    Leinart's Celebration

    Was he celebrating at the Hilton.....or "in" the Hilton? drum roll....cymbol crash!
  5. the taildragger

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    well, we are talking about a hotel sized hallway. she's so thin you can see right through her...you don't know if you're in or out with that chick.

    i'll probably get banned for saying that.
  6. zippo59

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    It sounds like this guys head just isn't wear it should be, and I don't mean that in a double meaning, innuendo sort of way. In order to develop into a successful NFL QB you have to make it your #1 priority and make a full committment to the long hours and hard work it will take. This guy is too worried about his celebrity and the off the field perks that comes with being a high profile college QB.
  7. the taildragger

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    he's spoiled...everything's been handed to him.

    he has the entitlement mentality of Manning, without the extreme competitive intensity to balance it out.

    plus his arm sucks.
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  8. zippo59

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    It is precisely that reason why Leinart is not the next Tom Brady. Tom Brady is who he is because of what he had to overcome his entire football life. He was a sixth round draft pick who was deemed to slow, to skinny, didn't have an NFL arm, and was never given a shot by most scouts, teams, and analyst. His drive and fire to succeed came from his many doubers, it made him more determined to prove everyone wrong and become a great QB. Leinart has not played a snap in the NFL and he is already being deemed an elite QB, and he is proving that this is getting to him by his recent appearances at parties throughout Las Vegas. He feels he has already made it, and he can pretty much coast from here on out. This complacency and lack of focus is why HE IS NO TOM BRADY.
  9. DaBruinz

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    Its pretty amazing how people take some stuff from a trash rag like PEOPLE magazine and think they KNOW a guy and what he's capable of.

    Sorry, but unless anyone in this thread KNOWS for 100% certainty what the hell they are talking about, and I can guarantee you don't from your posts, its better just to not comment. It makes you sound like haters or jealous little prigs.

    Also, if you knew anything about USC Football, you'd know that Leinhart didn't have anything handed to him. While Cassell was there, he was breathing down Leinhart's neck, pushing Leinhart to be better. Cassell said so himself.

    BTW, would any of you care to share how you know that Brady wasn't out celebrating 3 days after he was drafted?
  10. SoonerPatriot

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    Ease up there, Francis. Take a pill. Grow a sense of humor. I haven't seen you get this uptight since someone questioned Monty Beisel's future HOF status.

    As to Brady, after getting to know Tom from a distance (like the rest of the folk on this board) I somehow doubt he was out at some 5 star hotel dancing with the Hollywood glitterati after being selected in the SIXTH ROUND. Call me crazy. Call me old fashioned. But I doubt he threw an extravagant party for himself.

    More likely: Momma Brady made some pigs in a blanket, some ****tail weenies and some fruit punch and the rest of the family came over to knock a few down.
  11. the taildragger

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    sorry for offering my opinion on a god damn message board about a guy who I'm not a close friend of.

    sorry you did too.

    p.s. I never once said I had a problem with the party he held in his honor in vegas...even though it was unprecedented.
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  12. IcyPatriot

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    Just wondering, will IAN ever have a word with Mikey about POLLUTING the Patriots forum with TABLOID JOURNALISM???

    This nitwit belongs in the PF forum. If we want to read crap we can Google to our hearts content.
  13. desi-patsfan

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    i was kinda wonderng why anyone here cares that leinart was celebrating being the 10th pick. He isnt on any of our rivals or anything.
  14. stcjones

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    very very well said

    this guy was given the keys to a ferrari for 4 years without any traffic....USC was a well polished machine with hardly any opposition until they came to the final matchup.....and even then.....they had all f'in cylinders firing and were well stocked at all positions......The guy reminds me of Bledsoe with a weaker arm........doesn't have his head all the way in it (not referring to Paris here)....and seems to be a marginal leader..........we shall see how great he becomes behind arizona's O line......I think you'll see something resembling the success of Pennington.......
  15. zippo59

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    One thing going for him are the weapons he will have at Arizona: two Pro Bowl receivers, a Pro Bowl running back, the 2nd best LT in this years draft, a mammoth TE.
  16. mavfan2390

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    A Night in Paris 2: Revenge of the Worm

    O gosh, if that doesn't get me blocked.... im sorry, i couldnt help myself :bricks:

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