OT: Lakers and Nuggets initiate talks regarding a trade for Carmelo Anthony.

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by KontradictioN, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Sources: Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets have initial Carmelo Anthony talks - ESPN Los Angeles

    Wow. If this goes down, you can pretty much pencil the Lakers in for another Finals appearance and possibly a win. A Melo-Kobe-Gasol big three would be pretty damn hard to stop and would make the Lakers much more able to compete with the likes of the Spurs in the West and the Heat (who they didn't match up well with at all) and the Celtics in the East. A trade like this would also pay immediate dividends to L.A.'s defense. If Bynum goes to Denver, that puts Gasol at center with Lamar Odom likely becoming a starter at PF.
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    I heard about this last week. This is going to be monster if they get him. geez
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    On paper, that is a rather ridiculous big 3 - certainly, IMO, the most talented and balanced of the so-called "big 3s". Though, in the Celtics case, their best player isn't even part of their "big 3" and they really have a big 4.

    The one thing I'm not certain of is how Melo fits in offensively. You got 3 guys who are brutal to defend 1 on 1, sure, but you also don't have someone who can create opportunities for these players. You put 3 scorers together and you really don't know what will happen. Certainly Kobe is able to spot up and hit an open 3 and Gasol is consistent - bordering on annoyingly so, as a fan of the opposition - when it comes to a 16-footer; which puts them ahead of Miami in terms of how these guys will mesh.

    Still, LA, like Miami, is missing a Rondo type player who can manage the scorers on his team. In Rondo's case, it's much easier as all 3 guys are just as effective spotting up and hitting jumpers as they are slashing, posting or penetrating.
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    Kontra I have to disagree with you on the defensive aspect of tie potential trade for the Lakers. I think it would weaken them defensively. Losing Bynum in the middle would hurt the Lakers significant advantage over teams in the post. Gasol is not the same player at the 5 spot, just as Odom isn't when primarily at the 4. Melo would make then a tough match up offensively though. Ultimatley Melo doesn't solve the Lakers biggest weakness, which is defense at the 1 spot. Scoring, penetrating type point guards have given them fits this year. It would be a talented trifecta though if it happens. I don't think Denver moves him to a western conference team though.

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