OT: Kampman possibly on his way out of Green Bay

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Bartmac36, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Bartmac36

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    Just watching NFL network and they were discussing how his injury has opened the door for rookie Brad Jones, who has been playing just as good, if not better than Kampman as the 3-4 OLB. With Kampman's age and injury possibly spelling his end in Green Bay, do you think there is a chance he could land in New England for 2010? Do you think he would fit? Would you want him? Or is this just pure speculation that will never have a chance of actually happening, despite this team's DESPERATE need for a solid pass rusher...


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    Instead of "He just got cut,lets sign him"

    Now we got "He may get cut and if he does maybe we should sign him"

    Hell,with this pathetic pass rush I would be desperate enough to sign Cato June right now
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  3. Bartmac36

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    he wouldn't be getting cut, since he is already going to be a free agent this upcoming year...
  4. PatsChamp88

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    Hes excelled as a 4-3 DE last year but after Capers took over and installed a 3-4 he was really struggeling which speaks for itself when a 7th round rookie is doing just as well...
  5. robertweathers

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    I'm all for trying but he smacks of Derrick Burgess.
  6. A lot of commentators say Kampman doesn't like playing in the 3-4. I can see him going to Buffalo or other teams that employ a 4-3.
  7. Schmo

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    No way he would come here for the money we SHOULD offer him. His age and situation are also reminiscent of AD. Would BB be able to utilize him like GB did in their 4-3? Personally I don't think so.
  8. Ochmed Jones

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    Green Bay has been running the 3-4 for less than a year and they have a developmental kid at OLB. We have been running the 3-4 for ten years and have bumpus developing on the bench. Very sad.
  9. BelizePats

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    Ochmed pretty much nailed it. It is truly a glaring area where BB has consistently done a poor job both in terms of development and drafting. Its particularly frustrating when you consider that the success of the 3-4 is predicated on the linebacking corps.
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