OT: It's time for Philly to give Kevin Kolb a chance

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by shmessy, Nov 6, 2007.

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    C'mon, man. You know this should be posted in the Visiting Lockerroom.

    Your cooperation on these things is appreciated.

    (edit: Now if we can only get the damn timestamp problem solved on this site, we'll have everything in chronological order).
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    Bob Ford | It's time to give Kolb his chance
    By Bob Ford

    Inquirer Columnist

    "Play the kid.
    That isn't said lightly or without any appreciation of what Donovan McNabb has accomplished for the Eagles. It has been quite a ride. It's over, though.

    The Eagles can continue along as they are - and, knowing Andy Reid's reluctance to change suddenly, they probably will - but that is only delaying the inevitable. The smart play is to look ahead to what is coming, not back to what happened in the past. The smart play is to recognize that so much change is needed to get the team back into championship contention, the sand in the hourglass will bury the older players before those changes take place.


    [edited for copyrighted material; please follow link for full article!]
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