OT: Interesting BB draft picks of the past

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    1991 Cleveland
    1st round (2nd overall): S Eric Turner. Loved this kid. He had a really nice career with 2 pro bowl appearances. Tragically died of stomach cancer in 2000 at 31.

    6th round (141st overall): WR Michael Jackson. He was okay, nothing special other than the name.

    1992 Cleveland
    1st round (9th overall): FB Tommy Vardell. Ouch. Pretty much a bust. Always got a kick out of the fact this was a guy who played in a very rough league and also happened to be a Christian Scientist.

    1994 Cleveland
    1st round (9. 29 overall): DB Antonio Langham and WR Derrick Alexander. BB brought Langham to the Pats in 2000. Alexander had a nice career, 40 TDs and 4 1,000 yard seasons.

    1995 Cleveland
    3rd round (84th overall): QB Eric Zeier. He was intriguing coming out of college. A worthy roll of the dice IMO. In the end, lacked the tools to make it.

    BB drafted 5 LBs while with the Browns: Gerald Dixon (1992, 3rd rd.), Michael Caldwell (1993, 3rd rd.), Rich McKenzie (1993, 6th rd.), Travis Hill (1993, 7th rd.) and Craig Powell (1995, 1st rd.). Powell held out his rookie year, and then blew out his knee.

    Also picked 8 WR and 0 TE with Cleveland.
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    Your title is misleading. There is nothing interesting about this...
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    It is an intriguing look back, when you compare it to his success in New England. You have to enjoy a coach/GM who makes the effort to learn from his mistakes and then develops the organization to support his vision of a football team. Thanks Sooner.
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    Ack, the nothing thread is in the Off Topic Forum.

    Thanks for the look back, Sooner.
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    Ron? Ron? Is that you?
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    Yeah, f or someone who is 11 years old, been a fan of BB and the team for about 5 minutes, I suppose it wouldn't be that interesting.

    On the other hand, go **** yourself.

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