OT: I am getting tired of Albert Breer and his anti Patriots Rhetoric

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Rob0729, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Ok, I have put up with his weekly "so and so team is a far tougher match up for the Pats than people think" and "the Pats are due for a stumbling loss and I think this week is it", but now he is getting ridiculous.

    In his current bashing session of Devin McCourty, he stated he talked with Jets personnel and he got the sense "The reason they chose Kyle Wilson over Devin McCourty" is because they run a man defense and they didn't think McCourty could run it. Apparently it had nothing to do with the fact that the Jets drafted Wilson with the 29th pick and the Pats selected McCourty with the 27th pick. If the Jets felt that McCourty could play man defense, the Jets still would have drafted McCourty even if he was undraftable at the point they draft.

    Rumors were that the Jets were interested in McCourty. Granted rumors are just that. But Breer likes to recreate history to trash the Pats. The Jets might have still taken Wilson if they did have the choice, but he made it sound like the Pats got stuck with the player the Jets didn't select.

    I don't get it. Ever since he has gone national, he has been one of the biggest Patriots basher. If his arguments were based in reality, I guess I wouldn't mind. But the guy goes out of his way to say the Pats aren't really good even if he has to make stuff up.

    BTW, he is currently going through the playoff teams stating why the Pats won't be able to beat anyone.
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  2. PatsChamp88

    PatsChamp88 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Well you could try ignoring him or change the channel for a start :)
  3. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Can only get them or WEEI at work. WEEI isn't any better, but at least I can biatch about Breer to while away my time during a dead day at work.
  4. TheGreatestEVER

    TheGreatestEVER Practice Squad Player

    I just turn the channel. Honestly he just looks like that clueless idiot, just talking up a bunch of trash all the time. He is a loser not because he bashes the Pats ( I don't have a problem with that, I do my fair share of Colts, Jets, Giants & Dolphins bashing) but its the way he does it like Rob0729 said, where he just makes up complete sh!tt.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Wait! A thread where Rob b!tches about the media? I'm shocked!

    I used to read Breer's "Tales of the Tape" before he went to Dallas. These years I avoid the problem by pretty much not listening or reading mediots unless via a link recommended by a poster.

    SIRIUS NFL radio gives a far better perspective.

    Stop listening.

    Stop reading.

    It works!
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  6. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    LOL! Breer just said learning this offense isn't hard for a WR because Jabar Gaffney came in here early in the season of 2006 and was the leading receiver that year. Breer actually covered the team for the Metrowest Daily News. Gaffney sucked that year until the playoffs which was ten games after he was picked up.
  7. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I just can't listen to Sirius today or I would.

    It is a slow day or I wouldn't be biatching. Well, Breer is spewing so many falsehoods and idiocy, it would be hard not to start it but I would probably resist. I just hate media people with agendas or stupidity and Breer has both.

    I'm sorry, but guys like Breer gets paid to follow the team and know more than the average fan and he is getting things that even casual fans would know are wrong to progress his agenda. It just peisses me off. Sorry that I complain so much about it.
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  8. mcsully

    mcsully In the Starting Line-Up

    Breer isn't the only one who mentioned this.. I've heard and read this lately..

    I'm still feel DM will turn it around with a full off-season.. I lean towards the feeling, like others, the lack of offseason has hurt a lot of the 2nd year players..
  9. DEVIOUS 1

    DEVIOUS 1 Practice Squad Player

    I think Breer may be acting out some of his angst from the bashing he received from many of the fans in this region when he worked for the Globe.

    He took a very contrarian viewpoint on allot of Patriot topics while with the Globe, and the comments on his articles were less then complimentary. I often wonder if that harsh criticism, and negative commentary has affected his ability to cover the team going forward without bias. Judging from these comments here the answer seems to be no.

    It's unfortunate too, because Albert Breer from the Boston Herald was a very good, insightful journalist. Then he left for Dallas, came back with the Globe, and became a very snarky, almost completely spiteful journalist. Not sure what the change entailed but I know it hasn't affected his career, which appears to be doing very well.
  10. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    And I heard the Pats didn't draft Von Miller because they didn't fit in their system. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact he was drafted second overall in the draft.

    The Jets may have liked Wilson better than McCourty. That part may be true, but Breer said the Jets passed on drafting McCourty which is 100% false. They never had a chance to. But when a team says that they like the player they drafted more than a player who was drafted before they could pick, you take it with a grain of salt. Especially with Rex Ryan. Ryan acts like every player he drafts or acquires is the greatest player in the NFL at their position. He even talked up Vernon Gholston.
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  11. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    They're out to get us!

  12. RodThePat

    RodThePat In the Starting Line-Up

    Sorry, Albert, but this transition from sunshine and rainbows, buddies with Belichick reporter to contrarian instigator was already pulled by Mike Felger way earlier and with much more success.
  13. JJDChE

    JJDChE 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    1.) Why is this 'OT'?

    2.) Picking up the Pats', or any other NFL team's, offense isn't hard. The way some fans have exalted the complexity of the Patriots offense is ridiculous.
  14. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    1.) Because it is more media oriented.

    2.) If it wasn't that hard, why have so many players struggled in doing it. The Pats have a lot of presnap reads which does require a receiver to know a number of different routes for each play depending on how the defense lines up. That is more difficult then people think.

    Besides, my point was Breer used a false argument to say it was easy to learn the Pats' offense, not that it is hard to learn the Pats offense. He gave an example of a player learning the Pats' offense quickly and made an immediate impact that never happened and 100% false. If he used the Randy Moss example, then he would have a point. But he claimed that Gaffney made an immediate impact which he clearly didn't.

    The point is he makes up facts to prove a point. Not that his point has any validity or not.
  15. SaCaCh

    SaCaCh Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    I went cold turkey off of the media two years ago and haven't looked back. I am much happier for it and enjoy games so much more.
  16. JJDChE

    JJDChE 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Because they probably aren't very intelligent.

    Whoop-de-doo. So does almost every other team. We DO NOT have some unique revolutionary NFL offense.

    Wow, they have to remember what they're supposed to do when the safety lines up inside the numbers vs. outside the numbers? Mind-boggling! No wonder they make millions of dollars a year!

    Next up for the Pats WRs...cracking cold fusion!

    Who cares. Don't listen to him.
  17. Garbanza

    Garbanza In the Starting Line-Up

    It's what most of Boston Sports Mediots do.....take the negative point of view and wear it as a badge of honor. It's ridiculous, predictable and boring.
  18. NinjaZX6R

    NinjaZX6R In the Starting Line-Up

    I find Mike Florio to be a bigger douche.
  19. Jackson 2

    Jackson 2 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    When Breer first returned from Dallas, he evolved into a mildly irritating pain in the b@!!$. Now, he'a gold-plated, full-blown a-hole. BSMW had an interesting description of a twitter discussion this past 9/7 which included Bruce Allen, Breer, Greg Bedard and Chris Gasper. It centered upon how the Patriots allegedly "control" the media. Breer's tweets sound like they were from a person with severe paranoidal delusion. He's developed this antipathy toward the Patriots, in general, and BB, in particular, which compares favorably with Borges's. He also insisted before the season started that the Colts, even without PM, would still win "a lot of games." He's become a first class-dink.
  20. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    Sirius is great. Sure they have there opinions and can be annoying at times but they are so much more informed to Personell, schemes, history and everything else and they tend to stick to this side more than giving opinions but when they do give an opinion based on the above you respect it more.

    My favorite is Gil Brandt he can be a little rough sometimes as his age can shine but man does he have a true knowledge of the people with in this game and his knowledge of the history is next to none. For those who listen to him he is the best is what is right there :D

    To me the problem lies in the agenda local sports talk and even ESPN have to cow tail to the ratings and do anything they can for the ratings. Obviously NFL radio has to worry about ratings too but Sirius channels and satelite radio in general is very niche related and count on the fact that there true fan base are the absolute insane fans that want hardcore breakdown and they can do less fluff. To me it is like comparing Network Television to Cable TV obviously CBS needs to appeal to a broader range of people than Lifetime or Spike has to.
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