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OT: High School Football.

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by Va_Pats_Fan, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I think I can post this here, as the HS team is also called the Patriots :)

    anyway, my youngest daughter is a senior now, and on the cheer squad, so I go to all the football games, BB games etc. So, we are at the game tonite, and I seen this play, just had to share.

    its 4th and goal @ the 1 or so. Coach decides to go for it. The O lines up in a power running set. The QB lets the FB run by him, and fakes the handoff to the halfback, and puts the ball on his hip and rolls to his left. The fake was so good that the refs ran into the scrum blowing the whistle and stopping the play. Meanwhile the QB is in the endzone with the ball kinda looking around waving the ball. When the refs finally figured it out, they called the TD back because of an "inadvertent" whistle.
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    OUCH! Lame.....

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