OT: Help!! Need widescreen version of end of Pats-Chargers

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    I usually set my DVR for 1 & 1/2 hours past the end of the scheduled time in case of overrrun or OT, but for some reason, my DVR stopped recording after 3 hours and 50 minutes, so I need the last 3 minutes of raw footage to put together a DVD of the game (I like to precisely cut out the commercials and create menus breaking each quarter into a main chapter and 4-6 sub-chapters per the flow of the game). I have lots of prior material to swap, including a 3-disc Pats-Jets wildcard package (the 2 halves plus 3rd disc of pre and post coverage). I also missed recording the NFL Today leading up to the game if you have it, but that's low priority. Ditto for Patriots 5th Quarter. Thanks.
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    I also missed the last 4 minutes (game clock) of the game. (But not because of some random reason. I didn't think the game would run into 24 time). :D
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