OT: Harvard beats Yale; 29-29

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    Saw this in Rockland,ME over the wk-end. Great movie featuring 12-15 players reminiscing from both teams about the game between clips of the action. The game took place in 1968, a seminal time in the social and political history of our country, and an attempt to catch the flavor of the times was included. While both teams were undefeated, the first time the rivalry was so evenly matched on paper, Yale was much the better squad.

    The Yale QB, Brian Dowling, was the model for "B.D." of "Doonesbury" fame, as G. Trudeau was a Yale student at the time. The defensive captain, Mike Bouscaren, was also the model for "Mike". To make a long story short, 5 turnovers, Bouscaren's agressive play, and a successful on-side kick allowed Harvard to come back from 22-7 down at the half to score 16 pts in the last 1:13 and tie the game. (It's said at the time ties went to the home team ?)

    The real interest of the movie was the interviews, however. Tommy Lee Jones played guard for Harvard, and while emotional, he was contained, appearing to have come off the set for "No Country for Old Men." Anyone who has played the game and has taken a gratuitous shot at an opponent after the whistle will find the testimony of Bouscaren fascinating, if not hilarious. Champi, the 2nd string QB for Harvard and the FB (name?) were compelling as well.

    Not a movie in regular circulation, if you get a chance to see it at an art house or rent it, don't miss it. A real treat for anyone who loves the game.

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