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    Steroids in baseball, and an NFL team using a camera from and illegal spot. That is what our great elected officals have spent time on this week. The government should butt the **** out of sports and let the commissioners do their job. Bud Selig is to blame for letting the steroids getting out of control, the players were doing it and he looked the other way because the game was comming back and making a lot of money. Everyone who did them, as well as the teams who let them get away with it are to blame, but Selig is to blame the most. There is no need for the government to get involved in all this. Same with the NFL. So the Patriots used a camera from a spot that was against the rules, but did not even use what the camera showed on gameday. Yeah, that is awful cheating that the government needs to get involved with. TOO MUCH ******* GOVERNMENT! LEAVE THE SPORTS ALONE!
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