OT: Georgia Frontiere dead at 80

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  3. Walmart must have it now... right????
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    Finally L.A. Rams fans can sleep in peace.
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    they left some sweet comments for her on that OC news webpage
  6. Snake

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    Georgia Frontiere and Bobby Fisher both buy the farm. Frontiere..probably the most hated woman in southern California, and Bobby Fisher the anti-semitic chess champion who gave up his American citizenship to live in Russia...not many tears shed for either. RIP...if you can.
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    What most people don't remember, if you go back to the Rams in LA, especially when they were in the playoffs, Ram fans hardly went. True they have there hardcore fans, but I remember I think it was 1977, when the Vikings went to LA for the NFC Title game, but half the stadium was empty, The fans that were there, it seemed more purple and white, than the blue and gold. The game was also played in the rain and mud. I know if the game in New England had 100 feet of snow er something, you guys in New England would still find time to get to the game. The NFL has this kick about getting an NFL team in LA, but will people come to watch? Outside of the hardcore football fans that would, but as a whole from the rest of the area, probably not.

    I have been a Rams fan since I was 3. I got to see my first NFL game live, when I got out of High School, backin 1985, which was in Philly, and the things I remember from that game, was it was Randall Cunningham's first start, and the first score of the game came from Henry Ellard on a punt return.

    Plus, I was close to the field. I was in the area that players and coaches come out, and Georgia gave me a high five.
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