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    listen guys, if you can have ANY WR in the game as your choice to be part of this team (assuming we have NO wrs on the squad) who would it be?

    the answer is simple, its Wes Welker....he provides more to this offense than even a Calvin Johnson type of player would be able to provide, end of story

    for what wes does and is, he is fundamental to this offense, any other type of wr (outside wr, since wes is far and away the best slot in the business) would NOT be unreplaceable....wes is

    my second choice? yes, go for the monster WR in calvin who is big/physical and also fast and a deep threat....but he is not necessary to this offense, Wes on the other hand is

    catching bombs, or balls outside of the hashmarks, or highlight reel catches DOES NOT HELP YOU IN A GAME, what does is moving the chains, and wes is a master at it

    if the pats can have any one WR in the game, they should/would choose wes, and then choose whomever else they want,

    Wes is a requirement, everyone else is the cherry on top
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    This offense is based on reading coverage and then adjusting your route. Not many WRs can handle this. You can't just look at the physical specimen. Why can't people understand this? It doesn't matter if you're 5'10 or 6'5. All that matters is if you're in sync with Tom Brady and that's the bottom line.
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    Ok, here's the choice: a very good field-stretching WR or an equally good free safety. Who do you draft?

    For me, I'll take the safety. We may not have the prototypical field-stretcher, but offense is not our problem. If we can keep the opposition under 20 points, we should never lose a game.

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