OT: Eagles are dirty SOBs

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    NFL hands down four fines from rough play in Eagles-Vikings game
    By Len Pasquarelli

    The Philadelphia Eagles' 23-16 victory over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday afternoon has come with a price tag attached to it.


    Three Eagles defenders, including one who was waived the day after the game, have been fined a total of $20,000 by the league for their overaggressive play in the win. In addition, one Minnesota player has been sanctioned.

    Eagles defensive end Juqua Thomas and former linebacker Matt McCoy were each fined $7,500. McCoy will be liable for the fine, a league spokesman said, even though the Eagles released him Monday afternoon. Philadelphia free safety Quintin Mikell and Minnesota middle linebacker E.J. Henderson were penalized $5,000 apiece.

    Thomas was fined for a third-quarter play on which he sacked Vikings' quarterback Kelly Holcomb for an 11-yard loss, but grabbed his facemask and pulled him down. Despite the fact Holcomb suffered a neck injury that knocked him out of the game, and has sidelined him for this week, Thomas was not penalized by game officials.

    The fine against McCoy was also for a third-quarter play on which made a late hit on Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe. The infraction drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness flag and a rebuke from teammates and coaches when McCoy returned to the Philadelphia sideline. A second-round pick in the 2005 draft, McCoy was waived the next day.

    Mikell was fined for a first-quarter hit on Minnesota rookie wide receiver Sidney Rice after a 12-yard completion. The play elicited an unnecessary roughness penalty. The fine against Henderson was for a third-quarter facemask penalty assessed when the linebacker pulled down Eagles' tailback Brian Westbrook at the end of a six-yard run.

    It is not yet known if any of the four players will appeal the fines.

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  2. chrisfx811

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    Hearing about stuff like this scares me more than any opponent the Pats could play this season.
  3. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    FWIW-with all the flack the Pats get for supposedly playing dirty, I'm shocked a number of teams that DO play dirty are getting a pass. Having seen alot of Eagles games, their defenders love to take cheap shots at helpless guys-Dawkins being one of them.
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