OT-Drew Bledsoe, Hall of Fame ??

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    When the Pats drafted Drew Bledsoe in 1993, I had visions of Troy Aikman (not literally) dancing in my head. I was dreaming of a team with Super Bowl victories, hoping we would copy the Cowboys recent success, and wind up with a version of the big 3 (Aikman, Smith & Irvin). I thought we were heading that way when we drafted Bledsoe, then Curtis Martin, and then Terry Glenn. I thought that would be our big 3.

    Little did I know, we would match the Cowboys 3 championships in 4 years, but with a different cast and a different style of play, TEAM play instead of superstars (Though Brady is indeed a superstar). Though Bledsoe has gone on to other teams, he has put up some incredible numbers over his 13 year career. When you look at those numbers, I start to wonder, does Drew Bledsoe belong in the NFL Hall of Fame ? Though stats don't mean everything, there are QB's in the HOF with lighter stats than Bledsoe, and some of the didn't win a Super Bowl either. Here are some of his accomplishments.

    43,447 yards-7th alltime
    244 TD's-tied for 13th
    6549 Attempts-5th alltime
    3749 Completions-5th alltime
    3.02 INT %- Similar to Dan Marino's 3.01 and slightly higher than Peyton manning's 3.00

    I was a huge Bledsoe fan for many years, and still root for him except when he plays the Pats or Giants. I know as a Pat's fan, I still hold a slight grudge for his performance in Super Bowl XXXI, but I have to admit, I feel he belongs in the HOF, despite his not being a SB winner. His stats are actually better than Dan Fouts, and he will probably play for a couple more years, so 50000 yards passing is certainly attainable for Bledsoe. I think those kind of stats guarantee a space in the HOF for Bledsoe.
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    Oh, shoot, I'm sorry, you were serious.

    Drew's lost a job in New England, then lost one in Buffalo. Do we doubt how it will end for him in Dallas? Dan Fouts may not have won a SB, but he wasn't exactly bouncing around the league either.

    He has been an ordinary player for all but a very few seasons of his career, and at no time has he ever threatened to be the best in the league. You could never say that about people like Fouts and Marino. They will always be great. Drew will always be a more durable Jim Everett.
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    Absolutely not. I don't care how many numbers he's accumulated, very rarely was he a top 5 QB. 1996 might be the only year. Being a top 15 QB for 10 years isn't good enough. You have to be a dominant force in the league for a number of years and Bledsoe wasn't.
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    WHO is Drew Bledsoe?
  5. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    No. He's the Dave Kingman of football...put up numbers that make the argument valid, but just didn't have "it" when you think of a HOF'er. Bledsoe came up too short too often against top-tier competition and I don't think a guy should make the HOF due to racking up stats vs. the creampuffs...a Drew Bledsoe specialty.

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    Drew Bledsoe? Yuck. I hate him. :-(
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    I love Drew, and I will forever keep his Old Pats #11 unis on my wall....
    He is a WSU Cougars grad.---and we Cougars never give up on our young....

    I don't care where he plays, he will always be remembered as a Patriot with Pride w/me....Best of Luck to you---Drew ;)
  8. bigsid05

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    I loved Drew when he was here but he has no chance. Mediocre for most of his career with a few good seasons just doesn't cut it.

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