OT: Do StubHub prices drop closer to game day?

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  1. Brady_to_Moss

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    If i can't score opening day tickets on ticketexchange (hopefully i will) I will buy off of a sit like this. But they are still $250 each for upper level 10th row. Broncos game they are $350 for uppers on the 20!
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  2. FLPatsFan

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    Not in my experience
  3. PittPatriot

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    Come on Brady_to_Moss - that's like one night at the tables for you, isn't it?:D
  4. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here PatsFans.com Supporter

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    can't believe the demand for tickets is that high
  5. patchick

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    FWIW...StubHub represents itself as a person-to-person ticket exchange, but when I've done systematic comparisons they've turned out to have the exact same inventory as the standard ticket brokerages, with worse fees and terms than many of their competitors. I ended up going with Ace Tickets.
  6. Joker

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    relax...buy this...


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  7. Triumph

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    Yes, they do.

    At the SB they dropped by the day/hour as the game came near.
  8. PatsFanSince74

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    I don't know whether it differs by sport, but I know for sure that the price drops in other sports. I've found them to drop in the hours before a Yankees game, sometimes by as much as 50%. I know someone who bought tix to Andy Murray's US Open match tonight and they went from $130 to $110 in a couple of hours.

    I think that "frequent buyers" turn it into a game of chicken at the end.
  9. TealSox

    TealSox Guest

    Check out SeatGeek.com to find a comparison of various sites for the best prices available.

    A bit of information I learned from working within the ticket market... brokers have a csv file that they upload to various sites, such as Razor Gator, and Stubhub, Tickets Now and Ticket Network. The file will contain all ticket inventory and their pricing per ticket. Meaning, you will see a lot of the same inventory on secondary sites. Fees may vary, as will guarantees.

    Ticket prices do drop the closer you get to game day, as sellers/brokers get nervous about not being able to sell their tickets AT ALL. You'll notice this in the last 24 hours before the tickets fall off each respective site. I think Stubhub will keep tickets up the longest, as does Ticket Network.

    Usually a handful of sellers will start to drop their prices, causing the other sellers to try to undercut them to ensure their tickets sell. BUT if the sellers are sure they won't be left with unsold tickets, they'll likely keep their prices stagnant and the let the buyers pony up the cash. NFL games don't see prices drop - especially for the good team (not the Dolphins or Raiders of the world).

    While working for a ticket agency, I had the NY Jets account - for which I was responsible for selling 500 upper level seats per game. Generally, I would stagger the ticket groups while staying out of the bottom 15% prices because I knew people were undervaluing their tickets and that the demand would eventually find its way to my tickets - allowing me to pull a profit.

    But on Friday and Saturday, to ensure I sold off the remaining tickets, the staggering of prices would be less dramatic and I would move prices closer to the bottom of the market. This would ensure a sell out every time.

    Baseball and basketball were different... with little demand, you sometimes has be create a new floor on the market to ensure the sell of tickets.
  10. supafly

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    Great thoughts from someone who has worked in the business.

    I may add a couple of my thoughts for whatever it may be worth:

    1. The demand of the event will always differ. As TealSox stated, there are many teams where the demand is still high enough to ensure proper sales, unlike many other teams/events.

    2. I may respectfully disagree in the generalized statement of "the closer it gets to gameday the more likely they are to drop" as a whole, depending upon the event of course; but I would agree that the prices will drop within the last 12-24 hrs, and even moreso in the last 4-6 hrs. If you are able to wait until the morning of the event (or the afternoon if it's a concert), you will usually see a significant drop, so it would depend on how you look at the statement itself. There are many events that the prices will indeed stay the same though, up until the last 12-24 hrs when the brokers start getting a bit nervous. That will also depend though upon the overall number of the available tickets that are out on those sites, since all of those ticket broker sites often have the same seats available. If there are not many seats available, then expect the prices to remain the same for the most part.

    3. I have also found that it sometimes really pays off big to check the more localized smaller websites that are not solely in the ticket game. Many of these sites including craigslist.com, and even local newspaper sites and forums often have tickets from a bulk of sellers/people looking to buy. If you do your homework and check these sites first, you can often save some good money. I have attended some very big events all over the country for both sporting and concerts, and this is the experience tips that I would share with you as I am constantly looking for tickets.
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  11. Tunescribe

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    StubHub is legal organized crime run by slimy scheisters. So is Ace Ticket and any other scalping racket a/k/a "ticket agency." TealSox will do time in Purgatory for his unholy work.

    The team-managed ticket exchange is the only legit source for secondary market Patriots tix. I've had good luck in the past for away games with private sellers on eBay.
  12. betterthanthealternative

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    Much appreciation to TealSox and supafly for those last two posts. Very generous of you. That info should be a sticky.
  13. Tunescribe

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    That's a freakin' $10,000 television set. Do you really own one of those?
  14. patchick

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    Agreed...BUT, with genuine P2P sales, especially Craigslist, there's a much greater fraud/scam risk to factor in.
  15. PatsFanSince74

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    I hope he does. I know that I have never gotten more enjoyment out of anything that I spent money on than I have from the investment I made in a 61" Plasma Monitor six years ago (Pioneer PRO1410). It cost a fortune, but the picture is as good, to my eye, as the day I got it and, with a kickass sound system and speakers, puts a sports event right in my home (I love the way the networks now feed the stadium sounds to the rear speakers...).

    It's a gift to yourself that keeps on giving and giving and giving. But, don't spend the money on a monitor like that if you aren't going to invest a comparable amount in the sound system and about that much again in the speakers.
  16. Tunescribe

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    There are easy ways to safeguard against that. Ticket brokers make my skin crawl.
  17. Reckedtrek

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    Pick one up for me too, Joker. Spot me on it, I'm good for it! :D
  18. Reckedtrek

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    $600 at Walmart, including the two sock puppets and 3 sample scripts. It looks so real!
  19. racicotm

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    thanks for all the good information. Im trying really hard to score some tickets for my buddy's first game against the Broncos. Wish me luck or if you come across a good deal let me know.
  20. Brady_to_Moss

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    ticketexchange if you are on waitlist

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