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OT - DET could draft, then trade Calvin Johnson

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by TealSox, Apr 15, 2007.

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    Heard a little speculation that the Lions could draft Calvin Johnson and then trade him, a la Eli Manning to the NY Giants deal.

    At first, I liked the move. CJ is the #1 rated talent in the draft, yet it seems that everyone is going to let him drop right down to the Bucs. That is, if you give much credit to mocks. That would put Tampa on the list of teams interested in trading for CJ, as well as teams like the Cowboys, Packers, maybe Chargers, maybe Giants, off chance the Redskins, Raiders, Vikings or Falcons.

    Compensation would be complicated. Falcons and Vikings as fairly high picks in the draft and could both give up their pick, plus other picks/players. Teams like the Chargers, Packers and Cowboys would have to give up a bit more with their picks being much lower in the first round. I don't think a 2008 pick in the first round would be out of the question for any of those teams or the Raiders, who could (on a long shot) have the top two picks by giving up a quantity of picks.

    The year Eli was traded to the Giants, there was Big Ben and Rivers. So it wasn't as if NY didn't have other options out there. In fact they did draft Rivers, but when push came to shove, they knew who they really wanted and gave up the ranch to get him.

    This year, Calvin is complimented with Ginn Jr., Jarrett, Bowe, Meachem, etc. It isn't as if there aren't other options out there for teams that want a wide out and I doubt many teams are going to tip their hand to show how interested they are in CJ.


    Draft Adrian Peterson and try to trade him. Lets face it, there are only two decent running backs in this draft and one has a questionable background (Lynch). CLEV could hardly afford to head into next season with Jamal Lewis as their starter (running on a one year contract). HOU, BUF and GB are empty at the position to. Unlike the teams that might be interested (which would be a luxury) in a WR like Calvin Johnson, I think more teams would be desperate to get a RB.

    And if no one offerred up enough, then you keep him. Kevin Jones has yet to live up to expectations, despite knocking on the door and he is coming off an injury. Foster can patch the offensive line, making the pick of Joe Thomas a luxury, while a quality OT could be found at the top of the second round.

    If DET took a WR, they might find themselves desperate to move him before the season began. Not to mention, other teams would want to get him in early or not at all. QBs need to get their timing right with the wide outs and learning plays could be daunting for a rookie WR.

    Take a RB and try to trade him for more picks. What does Millen have to lose? Respect from the fans?
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