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    #80 Jersey

    “So a guy’s walking down the street. He sees a friend of his approaching him, and his friend has a little band-aid on his forehead. And the guy goes, “Hey, what happened?” And the friend goes, “Oh my God, this was fukcing nuts, man I was at this rooftop party, all right, on the 12th floor, sitting on the edge, a loving huge gust of wind comes, blows me off the building, twelve stories up. Unbelievably, there are these two clotheslines about three stories down that break my fall. I sort of bounce over them, and end up hitting this awning, and then I bounce off the awning into this pile of mattresses, OK? And then I bounce off the pile of mattresses and get flung up another 20 feet in the air. I’m like, “Oh, $#!T,” but then I land on this open truck that’s hauling marshmallows. And, you know, I scratched my forehead with my finger at one point.” And the guy’s like, “Holy $#!T! You must be the luckiest man alive” And his friend goes, “No, no, no. That’s Jim Belushi.”“

    (per Rolling Stone)

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