OT: Colts lure Kerry Collins out of retirement...

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by MoLewisrocks, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Guess Irsay wasn't kidding...

    Collins was the QB Polian drafted 5th to lead the expansion Panthers and apparently Caldwell coached him at Penn State...

    Certainly an upgrade at backup over Painter and Orlovsky, but also an indication they really aren't sure Peyton will be able to start the season.
  2. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Collins is the perfect choice for the job, because he's been here before -- from sitting at home to starting QB in just a couple of weeks.

    But shame on Polian for having nothing resembling a legitimate backup QB on the roster. They're on a longggg string of bad high draft picks, too. Lousy job by the GM all around.
  3. everlong

    everlong Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Ridiculous, we are the only team of the perennial contenders that miss on high draft picks.
  4. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I always thought this sunny "Manning will be fine and back for opening day" stuff was way too premature. Two neck surgeries in two years is significant.

    I think there is a good chance that Manning misses at least a game or two, if not longer.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Perhaps BB can send a case of fine Irish whiskey to Collins as a welcome back to the NFL present
  6. Gwedd

    Gwedd PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    As I have pontificated, these guys had to know that Manning wasn't going to be able to go, and they HAD to know that this sort of situation was developing.

    Why they elected to pay Manning instead of trading him and starting the rebuilding with all the cash they gave him is beyond me.

    Yes, I know. It's Manning. He's the franchise, etc. However, Snyder's Redskins ought to have served warning to every team that the "win it all now" mentality isn't the way to succeed. It is fraught with peril, as Danny Boy has shown time and again.

    Polian and Irsay ought to have been building for the future, rather than putting it off and putting it off and hoping everything worked alright. Like the story of the Grasshopper & the ant, winter is fast approaching and the pantry looks awfully bare right now.

    That franchise deserves better.

    That's my 2-cent's worth, and I'm sure that others mileage will vary. :)
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  7. Gwedd

    Gwedd PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    And a box of stogies. I still remember that pic of Collins after he got out of jail.
  8. TheSolderKing

    TheSolderKing In the Starting Line-Up

    ESPN ticker just flashed Peyton out for Game 1. I bet it will be more than just 1 game imo

    I won't be a Scum-bag and stoop down to AFC teams that openly praised Brady's injury. If Manning is gone Colts lose 3/4's of their games w/o him

    PS where is the "Painter" ?
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  9. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I don't get the ball washing of Bill Polian on his drafting. Yes, he has gotten some great players even in the late round, but you gotta look at all their high round busts in recent years including Tony OhOh, Donald Brown, Jeryy Hughes (not a bust yet, but was a total non-factor last year and isn't getting glowing camp reports this year), Anthony Gonzalez, Tim Jennings, and Joseph Addai (decent player mostly as a receiving RB, but no way near a first round status).
  10. TheSolderKing

    TheSolderKing In the Starting Line-Up

    Per roto and twitter

    Report: Colts fear Peyton is out for Week 1

    The Colts "braintrust" does not believe Peyton Manning (neck surgery) will be ready for Week 1, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.
    According to Mortensen, Manning is "hopeful." But today's signing of Kerry Collins combined with this report should send Manning plummeting down fantasy draft boards. Even though Manning has played in 208 straight games and the Colts handed him a mammoth contract extension a month ago, his rehab from neck surgery clearly isn't going as expected. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers are all safer picks in the second tier of fantasy quarterbacks.
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Aug 24 - 11:25 AM

    Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts - 2011 Player Profile - Rotoworld.com
  11. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Kerry Collins :confused:


    Was Vinnie Testiverde not available? :confused2:
  12. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I think Polian perhaps burnt or flamed out over the last decade. And his luck has changed for the worse.

    He was under tremendous pressure given his somewhat oddball rep as a genius builder whose teams never quite made it over the hump and somehow fell into oblivion shortly after his departure (kinda like the later in life Parcell's only absent any rings). Used every ounce of influence he could muster (including the competition committee where he massaged rules to suit his roster and had the whole thing moved to a weaker division) to achieve his goals which were prioritized into putting fannies in seats by making them relevant enough to get a new stadium deal and hopefully winning that elusive ring in the process - in that order. He invested $148M in Manning the process, and he's on the hook for another $69-90M in the hope Manning still existing alone can keep fans interested until he can come up with a plan B to keep his kid employed after he retires...

    After 2006 they almost immediately they began transitioning on many fronts, as team who becomes complacent having achieved their goal often does. Irsay used to be well hidden and muzzled in the background. Now he's at the forefront as a tweeting fool hinting at and announcing every move. Polian's still invisible son has taken over day to day ops duties as GM - I guess Irsay didn't have one... They finally hit on a formula that worked with their talent, but then let him walk away (Dungy) once the stadium and a ring were in hand.

    Caldwell isn't on the same plane, and absent the old core supporting staff even Dungy was propped up to some extent by strategically (Moore and Mudd - held over from the Mora Sr. days of "playoffs?? playoffs???"...) they have struggled heading onto Mannings road to retirement deal. They were lucky to make it to a second SB, but their luck seems to be running out. Now even the expensive iron man can't stay healthy... at a time when their coaching and drafting prowess has in fact diminished substantially. I think this is what happens to you when your organizational focus is on short term goals and windows...
  13. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    I think most posters have taking this as a sign of things that may be true or be a stretch.

    But I think a simple question is why it took so long. One has to wonder why they never have felt a back up was of any importance but this being his second neck issue in a year you would think a reliable back up would have been a priority and not an after thought 2 weeks before the season.

    That being said they seemingly found a good back up.
  14. HomerSchooled

    HomerSchooled Practice Squad Player

    Kind of a pity, really. Obviously, as one of our main rivals, any loss for the Colts is a boon for us. But it's always sad when one of the greats doesn't get to play. People always said that the consecutive starts record was the most important one to Manning, so I'm sure this has the potential to be very heartbreaking for him. He'll obviously do everything he can to play, but it sounds like it won't be in his (or the team's) best interest.

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, and it will probably be a hint as to how Peyton's career will come to a close. More so than any other player and organization relationship, the Colts are Manning's team, often to a fault. The Colts will likely yield to his bidding as long as he pleases. The all-time records likely mean a lot to him, but they may come at the expense of his body and efficiency, as well as the team's winning. How long will Manning play into his declining years, and might it hurt his standing in history? Who knows. Hopefully years from now, he'll retire with his health and dignity instead of forcing himself beyond usefulness in the dogged pursuit of Favre's records.
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  15. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Looks like Collins will get a chance to pass Joe Montana after all.
  16. PatsBoy12

    PatsBoy12 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I still think Collins has some game left in him. They should sign T.O. so that Collins has more weapons.

    On another note, I hope Manning is ready and playing like himself for the Patriots game. I don't want any excuses when they lose.


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    Collins and Jeff Garcia have both been non elite talent buit very servicable QBs in the past and Kerry should be able to make a play or two to keep the Colts in games until Peyton gets back.

    My question is....If Curtis Painter is not a guy you can trade away and is not good enough to take over the helm for Manning,then why the hell is he even on the roster and taking up a space?
  18. Buchanty

    Buchanty Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #51 Jersey

    I think the decline of the Colts is a bit like the premature announcement of Mark Twain's death - in other words "greatly exaggerated". It all depends on how long he is out; all suggestions indicate that he might be back in the early part of the season. Yes it may still take time for him to recover form and timing but he is still a great quarterback and until he cries "uncle" I still see the Colts as a realistic threat. They still have a top 10 receiving corps and Freeney and Mathis in D. They can still win games with these though more so now that Collins has been brought in ahead of Painter. If Peyton can get back by week 4 or 5 they could still be a playoff team.

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  19. Gwedd

    Gwedd PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Good question. It'd be nice if someone in the press pool actually ASKED this question of Polian or Irsay, but i doubt any of them have the courage to do so.
  20. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Like there aren't excuses every time they lose? :confused:
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