OT: Charlie Weis accepts Head Coach at U of Kansas

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    Congratulations to Charlie,Hopefully he has better success with the Jayhawks than at Notre Dame although there was a ton of pressure on him to turn the well reknowned Irish program around,In Kansas there will certainly be less pressure and less media scrutiny.

    Best wishes to him....I really miss his offensive schemes here.
  2. DarrylS

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    Good luck to Charlie, hopefully he finds success and a long term situation.
  3. SEA_Pat

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    Me old Alma Mater. Good for Charlie, KU is a great place. And expectations for success in Jayhawk football are, uh, not as high as this place. Even if they actually may have the worst defense in football history...
  4. Triumph

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    Charlie never had a defense at ND either. He needs to get over that hurdle to be successful.
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    So much for the bs about only leaving KC so he could work with his son... Pioli backed the wrong dog in that fight. He better hope the Rams or the Dolphins blow up their coaching staffs and give him some solid coordinator options to make RAC his figurehead HC for the duration of his rebuild or he isn't going to get to finish that one... He needs either Josh or Daboll as OC and probably Mangini or Spags as DC if he's going to salvage the KC Patriots...
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