OT - BSFD (Boston Sports Fan Disorder)

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    There have been lots of questions here about what causes the syndrome, but too many people mention it for it to pass unanalyzed.

    BSFD - what is it? Can any amount of winning cure it? Has it become chronic? If it has become chronic, where can I get some? JUST KIDDING.

    Me, I tie it to some sort of northern latitude climate effect, combined with a lingering hangover from NE's puritan roots. Nothing that feels good or celebrates success in the present life can be good or real. Life is a drab vale of tears. All triumph is transitory and illusory. All is vanity, and we're sinners in the hands of an angry God. Etc. etc. etc.

    Okay, that sucked. How about: every culture needs opposite poles of Olympian glorification of teams (your greek gods,) and Norse despair that you're going to lose it all in the end anyway (Norse God Tyr. Pats CB TYRone Poole. Coincidence?)

    Right, that sucked too. Is it the Curse of the Babe Mentality? Well if so, how could it spread to football? Especially since the Celtics' championships should have confined that curse to baseball, and since the Sox lifted that curse a couple of years back?

    Why do NE fans feel compelled to pull at every thread the media dangles, waiting for it all to unravel?


    Inquiring minds want to know,


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