OT: Brees on the Dolphins?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by convertedpatsfan, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. convertedpatsfan

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    I totally forgot about this storyline until Reiss brought it up in a blog entry.

    Brees hurt his shoulder in the last game of 2005 before becoming a free agent. He was leaning towards the Dolphins, but Saban wasn't comfortable with the injury, and instead rolled the dice with Culpepper coming back from his knee injury. The Saints offered him more money afterwards, but it really came down to Saban not being confident in Brees, even subjecting him to a 6-hour physical.

    The Miami Herald has a detailed breakdown here.

    All I can say is thank goodness it didn't happen. Brees on the Dolphins would have been scary. Saban might have stuck around because the QB situation wouldn't have been awful, but my guess is he would have left. Cam Cameron was a hot name back then as the Chargers offense was rolling, plus he was the OC for Brees, so that horrible team under Cameron might have been something different as well.

    And do they reach for Ginn if they suddenly don't need "weapons" on offense because of Brees? Maybe they take him anyways to give Brees another WR. Either way, considering how tough they seem to play us, they'd be a lot scarier with Brees than with some of the JAGs they've trotted out at QB.
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  2. Disco Volante

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    Re: Brees on the Dolphins?

    Dolphins decided that...

    Daunte Culpepper + 2nd round pick > Drew Brees + Wes Welker

    Good for them. :cool:
  3. muzz

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    Re: Brees on the Dolphins?

    Great management!!
    Fantastic decisions made there...........:singing::singing::singing::singing::singing::singing::singing:
  4. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: Brees on the Dolphins?

    Better yet, Aqua4Evah a.k.a. Wrong Receiver loved the move, dissing both Brees and Brady. Too funny from a fan of Beck and Henne. The kid sure knows QBs. :p
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