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    Note: just a heads up to everyone before the Mods move this to the Political Forum.

    Just tuned in to the HBO feature 'Breaking The Huddle, The integration of College Football'.
    Even though I've read many accounts and seen a number of movies pertaining to the ordeals of the African American, I was still astonished by this program. This actually happened during my lifetime and I don't consider myself an old timer. Many members here remember Sam the Bam running rampant over defenders at Schaefer Stadium. Sam Cunningham played a large role in the recruitment of blacks at Alabama. He steamrolled the Tide when Bear Bryant 'welcomed' USC to play in front of Alabama's crowd.
    I have always ridiculed the College Championship format, but one year it did have a silver lining. Alabama had the only unblemished record in college football and was racking up national titles. Problem was, they were still segregated as was their conference, and the league refused to play any team with a black player. Thus, they were denied the National Championship (hint, hint).
    I found new respect for some of the old name coaches (Hayden Fry) who I didn't give a rats aszs before I saw this show. Anyone who has an interest in history and sports would enjoy this show immensely.
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    good to know, thanks!
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