OT: AOL - The Jets: All Hype,No Hope to play in the Super Bowl

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    I enjoyed that immensly I am so glad to see someone else (besides the smart fans here) that sees through the hype.

    but remember if someone wrote this about the pats it'd be every where on the internet and espn and the such in about 3.5 seconds i bet no one really sees this
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    Its amazing looking back at their 2009 season. Look who they beat. Houston (an above average team), NE (in Bradys 2nd game back, look at week #11), Tenn, Oak, Carolina, Buff and TB. I dont include Indy and Cincy in weeks 16 & 17 because they both basically gave them the game.

    So they beat one above average team, a good team and the bottom of the barrell. They played an overrated Cincy team in round 1 and a team notorious for playoff chokes in the 2nd. They play Indy good for a 1/2, until they figured them out and took it to them in the 2nd half.

    They have a great defense and a bad offense and a loud mouth coach who needs to draw attention to himself by using 4 letter words every time he opens his mouth. I see them going 9-7. They split with NE and Miami and go 2-0 against Buff. They then lose to Balt, GB, Pitt, Minny and either Chicago or Denver.

    Just my opinion
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    The 2009 Jets:

    Big Hat.

    No Cattle.
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    Unlike the brett Favre saga ... I actually enjoy the pre-season super bowl jets hype every year. Then from time to time i go to jetsInsider and read all the you ripped my heart out for good threads.

    I guess I am a jet's sadist.

    Rex said they have the formula ... one game away last year.

    hey Rex ... Bill has a better formula ... but one year means nothing to the next.

    I actually like the Glen ordway theory on this one.

    The jet's had the best defense last season and did not make it.

    So if they still have the best defense then they will need a better offense to make it.

    But they do not have the better players to do that ...so ... play "Cry me A River"
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    hmmm, one of the best articles ive read recently
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