OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced (and more bizarre events)

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  1. DisgruntledTunaFan

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  2. xmarkd400x

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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    If Reid could have prevented the opponent's penetration, the outcome of the battle would likely have turned out differently.

    You guess which one I'm talking about.
  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    That's a sad situation much worse than the casual drug use I though it was. The kids have serious problems. My best to the parents.


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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    According to ESPN news,Andy Reid is expected to resign after this season to devote more time to his family - Apparently the family is falling apart and he knows his absence has something to do with it or so he believes.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    He has money. Best that he resign and feel he's done whatever he could do to salvage the horrific situation. I do not know what a parent can do when adult kids have gone hard wrong and show no desire to change. Best to the Reids.


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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    Andy Reid has been a superb coach - If he had a QB who would not get sick and fold in crucial moments of a game he might have won a SB
  7. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    Judge critical of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid's home

    By MARYCLAIRE DALE, Associated Press Writer
    November 1, 2007

    NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) -- A judge who sentenced Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid's sons on Thursday likened the coach's home to "a drug emporium" and questioned whether his adult sons should live there.

    "There isn't any structure there that this court can depend upon," Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill said before sentencing Britt Reid to up to 23 months in jail plus probation.

    "I'm saying this is a family in crisis," O'Neill said.

    Earlier Thursday, O'Neill sentenced Garrett Reid, a drug addict and dealer who said he got a thrill out of selling drugs in "the 'hood," to up to 23 months in jail for smashing into another motorist's car while high on heroin.

    O'Neill noted that searches of the Reid home found illegal and prescription drugs throughout the house. He said both boys had been overmedicated throughout much of their lives.
  8. PatsDeb

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    Re: OT: Andy Reid's sons sentenced(and more bizarre events)

    If you read the whole article the judge made comments like the Reid family home is a drug emporium; the boys appear to have been overmedicated their whole lives; the parents obviously love their sons but have to accept some accountability as the boys lived at home this whole time and did things like stash drugs in the family cars.

    Ouch. I feel bad for the Reids, but this looks like a situation of either totally absent parents or totally enabling parents. Reid should take time off to deal with it, but I wonder if it is too late as these kids seem really far gone (smuggling 89 pills INTO jail in your butt? Yikes). Good luck to Andy and his wife. They are really going to need it.
  9. NEPat

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    Wow, the parents got killed by the judge, that's just too sad. I hope Andy Reid leaves now, and doesn't wait until the end of the season. I think they still have younger kids at home.

    Just a bad situation. I like Reid a lot, I think he's a great coach, so I hope everything gets better for him and his family.
  10. mcbee

    mcbee Banned

    I wish I could open up some kind of boot camp / treatment center for these spoiled little brats. I'd march them until they dropped, they'd be whipped if they didn't do as ordered. That's what they need, a little discipline. And I'd collect money for it.

    Instead it's "treatment", give them the "treatment" they need. I'd give them a boot right into their backside, that's what they need. The worms. Rich daddy and they still insist on screwing up?

    If I were Reid, I would kick them OUT of the house immediately. A 24 year old living at home? Uh, don't think so. Let them be homeless for a while, see how that sobers them up. Losers.
  11. tombonneau

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    Is that you, Tony Soprano?
  12. Patriot Missile

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    I realize Reid is a public figure and being in the spot light you are going to be under a media microscope. But..you would think some things would be private regarding some of these matters. The judge chose poor taste imo with his public statements.

    All you hear is he should have to retire and become a better parent. Fact is I've seen some pretty good parents lose their kids to drugs who just get caught up in every day life. Before they knew what was going on, their kid or kids were hooked. This is just a very high profile case. I don't pretend to know Andy Reid and what kind of father he is, so I'm not going to presume that he is a bad father.

    The same for Tony Dungy. His son commited suicide, but he is such a nice guy all he got was well wishers. Noone was saying this guy should retire and be a better father to his other kids. From what I've read from players and coaches I'd assume Dungy is a guy who cares for his friends and family. Then again, I don't know Dungy either. But I can't help but feel sorry for anyone that goes through what these two have gone through. I just hope them the best and try not to presume I know them.
  13. alamo

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    When I saw the judge's comment about no home structure, my thought was "these are guys in their 20s, they aren't supposed to need their parents to impose structure."

    Also, the blame here is always laid on Andy Reid and his absences. But it's not as if this is the only family where the father is away a lot. What about Mrs Reid? Is she away all the time too? There are many families where the family dynamic is for Mom to keep the kids in line on a day to day basis and Dad to step in only on the big issues.

    So all in all the "Andy Reid should step down to spend more time with his family" stories seem misguided because they don't really address the whole family situation. There's more there than we are hearing I think.
  14. Bella*chick

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    This is just a bad situation all around. I feel for Andy Reid; he seems like a good guy. I hope it all works out for them.
  15. Maroney TD

    Maroney TD On the Game Day Roster

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about how they are both in their 20's. If I did something like this in my 20's I would hope people wouldn't look at my parents for fault. Your a grown adult and they need to take full responsibility for their actions. As hard as it is to imagine there are people out there with drug problems whos parents did everything right.
  16. scout

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    Just a terrible situation, hope I never have to deal with anything like it. I know some guys who Andy invited to watch an Eagles game from his booth. The only problem was, these guys really liked to drink, and because of Reids religion (Mormon) he didn't allow it. They got the tickets and sat in the stands and had a good time. Seems like he would be just as strict at home whether its drugs or alcohol.
  17. IcyPatriot

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    Ironic how many people said Andy Reid was a "Good Guy".

    what a farce that term has become.

    Sorry, but put my opinion of Reid is a "lousy Guy". A guy who could not put his family before fame, fortune and team. Good guys (and girls btw) know where to draw the line. Reid helped medicate his sons so the line might never have to be crossed ... so that he could continue coaching and have great articles written about him ... sorry, but I am long since tired of putting athletes and coaches on pedestals. I watch them because i like sports ... I never watch them because they are good guys ... freaking sportswriters should share in the blame department.

  18. Dagg

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    Well with his trouble making sons in jail wont he have more time to devote to the team now, than he did when they were out on the town menacing and selling H and getting arrested every other day?
  19. danny88

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    Kicking a troubled child's ass is hardly the correct way to change there situation. Hitting a child should not be needed if you know how to raise your kids correctly. All hitting a child does is make them scared of you and teach them hitting and fear are a way to get what they want.

    Learn how to raise a child correctly :cool: If people can train dog's ( wild animals) without smacking them around, I think you can raise a kid with discipline and structure minus "kicking them in the ass:"

    My father kicked my ass. I never hit my kids and they are better kids then I was.
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