OT: A story for Polian fans (Peyton isn't the only bus driver)

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    I love the lead in to that quote :

    "Polian said the LSU rookie is "what we haven't had here in a while, in terms of taking an 8-yard run that's blocked and turning it into a 22-yard run."

    I guess Polian didn't watch the preseason :

    Addai :

    9-17 (long 7)
    9-12 (long 7)

    Where's the 22 yard runs ? Heck, where's the 8 yeard runs ?

    :D :singing: :rocker:
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    When the Polian formula fails it is always someone elses fault. And the last two guys who will be responsible are Manning and Polian. Guys with a big ego like Edge will bristle. Guys with no ego like Harrison just plod on. Because he is willing to make it up to them by overpaying them to stay.

    I think Edge did OK in Indy considering he spent his career there running behind an Oline built for pass blocking in a system geared to play action.

    Addai will have a tough rookie season. Rhodes is a career backup and with Mungro on the shelf Polian just added a UDFA RB Cincy cut to replace him. I guess that is why many astute pundits are predicting that once again this will be Indy's year. :rolleyes:

    And they even engineered it so the entire first week of the season revolves around a game that will be won by a Manning one way or another.
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    My appologies Box, wasn't aware that Polian had fans!
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    I'm a fan, of course it's because I believe he is good for New England in his own "special" way. :p
  6. patsfan13

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    He probably looks a lot better in practice against the Colts D ;)
  7. PlattsFan

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    Now, I don't hate the Colts (do the Globetrotters hate the Washington Generals?), but I really expect bad things from them this year.

    Here's the prediction:

    Manning has a good year, but with more INTs than normal. The running game stinks, but a few big plays make the yardage total look OK. Because they never hold the ball for any time, the defense just absolutely disintegrates over the course of the year. Then, about mid-way through the season, one of the receivers gets hurt (probably Harrison), and the situation gets serious.

    Manning says, "I'm trying to be a good teammate here, but we're just having trouble stopping the other teams' offenses."
  8. Richter

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    Yeah, and I'd probably look like Walter Payton against the Colts D.
  9. Patsfanin Philly

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    File that in the be careful what you wish for category. Below I posted Edge's stats from his rookie year (2100 yds combined and 100 first downs) and 2005
    (1800+ yds and 115 first downs). LEt's see if Addai can match that. I think Polian is living in denial wrt how great the loss of Edge will be. It may not show up until game 5 or 6 until teams game plan for a pass-first offense where the pass option is not a credible fake but when they start blitzing more or dropping more into coverage, I can't wait for Mr. Happy Feet to start with the ints.

    ear Team G GS Att Yards Avg Lg TD 20+ FD
    1999 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 369 1553 4.2 72 13 9 79
    2005 Indianapolis Colts 15 15 360 1506 4.2 33 13 5 94

    Year Team G GS No Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ FD
    1999 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 62 586 9.5 54 4 9 1 24
    2005 Indianapolis Colts 15 15 44 337 7.7 20 1 1 0 21
  10. PlattsFan

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    Check out this clip of Joseph Addai's greatest hits:

    I'm unimpressed. He looks like a good college back and a little tougher to bring down than I thought, but his moves are just not good for the NFL. Maroney makes his moves while maintaining speed or accelerating. Addai dramatically slows down on every single move. I didn't see a single sharp move where he maintained his speed. NFL defenses are going to catch up to him after every single move he makes.

    Good straight-line speed, but, unless he has something he didn't show on that collection, he's going to be a big disappointment to the Colts.
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    There was a great Polian interview floating around last year.

    He was on WFAN with Mike and the Mad Dog talking about how they were going to rest players down the stretch because the last 3 years injuries had cost them the Super Bowl.

    The Mad Dog started asking him questions like, do you honestly believe an injury to a LB cost you the Jets game, Bill - wasn't it 41-0? And do you really think if Robert Mathis plays you guys shut down Dillon? Polian said yes, only injuries cost them those games. It was hilarious.
  12. SVN

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    More than the yards they could miss his pass blocking . Peyton said they had some "protection problems" after the pitt loss...He may see how it could potentially get worse with the new RB's providing pass protection and blitz pickup.
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    I'm really looking forward to this Indy-Giants game. I think the Giants front are going to give Peyton some problems, not to mention whoever's in the backfield picking up the blocks. I'm picking Giants in an upset, even tho the line is only 3.5 points. Then we can really hear some crying next week.
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    Contrary to those that think it is finally time for the Colts, I disagree (sorry Ryan). I think it's time for an off year for these Colts.

    Since they moved to the South they haven't missed the playoffs, they were wild cards in 2002 but were blown out by the Jets 41-0 and then their current string of division crowns (2003, 2004 & 2005) were won going away. They always seem to coast into the playoffs and rarely face any regular season adversity.

    I think with Edge long gone and injuries like crazy to start the season. The Colts are due for an off year. They now have no running game meaning a one dimensional offense to go with a defense that is fast but small and can be overpowered.

    Look for 9-7 and they do not win their division and that means NO playoffs for them.

    Good riddance - I would love to hear Polian after that happened.
  15. captain stone

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    12 years ago, Bill Polian asked, "Who the hell is Mel Kiper?"

    After 12 years, and Zero SB appearences, never mind victories, it is fair to ask:

    "Who the hell is Bill Polian?"

    (Insert your own expletive-filled answer here.)
  16. Patsfanin Philly

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    Oh yeah, Trev Alberts over Trent Dilfer and the mailman who helps out in the Colts draft room........
    And when it does implode in Indy, it will be ugly......and fun to watch....
  17. PonyExpress

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    Colts are going 7-9. Let the implosion begin.:)
  18. Flying Fungi

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    Kiwanuka is going to hit Peyton very hard tomorrow...
  19. PonyExpress

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    When Kiwi notches his tenth sack this year I'll knock back a whiskey in your name!:D

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