Oprah's Got a Secret

Discussion in 'Religion and Lighthearted Discussion' started by 3 to be 4, Mar 24, 2007.

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    You'll not find me overly defending of "The Secret" - it's overly simplistic in my opinion and just simply takes a few major leaps of faith with not much to back it up...

    of course leaps of faith is what every religion is about.

    But have you actually watched it, or are you just passing on the Satanic warnings of talking heads, that themselves know that any reference to the apocolypse is sure to help gain readership?

    If you watch it, you'll see that the main message is simply the Power of Positive Thinking... i.e. the law of attraction.

    That's not a new idea and its not a bad idea - and definately not Satanic.

    It's presented on an 8th grade level - if that - and it uses some pretty extreme examples to illustrate it, like the people who wished for multimillion homes and got it.

    One aspect taking a lot of heat is the person who healed themselves with positive thinking. This, to someone with a religious faith, shouldn't be tough to understand, as faith healing has taken place on many occasions in my opinion.

    In this case, the person's faith was to connect with the positive energy in the universe... in your case it would be to connect with the positive energy of God and Jesus.

    It might just be that these two energies are actually the same.
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