OOPS, KBR wanted to bill the US 110 million for closed bases..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Must have been another bookkeeping error, KBR made a financial mistake, they were gonna bill the US for services in closed down bases.. must have been another honest mistake, seems as though there have been a few of them. But remember 4.3% does not indicate a systemic weakness in business systems.. maybe not, but someone is getting very rich off of the blood or the US soldier.


    Government auditors discovered something odd last year when they reviewed KBR Inc.'s annual cost estimate to provide support services for U.S. troops in Iraq. The contractor proposed charging $110 million for housing, food, water, laundry and other services on bases that had been shut down.
    KBR got a contract extension for $3.7 billion, but it agreed to drop the proposed $110 million spending on closed bases and an additional $50 million of duplicate charges and math errors, according to Defense Department records obtained by USA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act

    Linda Theis of the Army Sustainment Command, the agency that oversees KBR's troop-support contract, downplayed the errors. They amount to just 4.3% of the contract amount, she said. "This percentage does not indicate a systemic weakness in business systems."

    The errors occurred because KBR developed the proposal under a tight schedule, said company spokeswoman Heather Browne. The contract-review process, she said, worked as intended.
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    hidden charges galore... and the Pentagon has been an ATM for pretty much whatever contractors request over there... see, no one ever talks about this anymore.... not since that Halliburton investigation just seemed to "go away" two years ago...

    this is happening every week... not just KBR, but dozens of other contracted corporations billing the Pentagon... Qualcomm, Bechtel, Aegis... heck, google any of those with "Iraq" and read ... overbilling, bloated contracts, incompatible technology ... heck, if nothing else, and you're a blogger fuzzy on details of what select companies are doing over there, simply do a little comfy reading on a little story we like to call Custer and Battles...

    or just listen...
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    Yeah, I'm sure that they knew better...

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