Oops: Iggles post intended roster cuts?

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  1. ctpatsfan77

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    Apparently, the Iggles tipped their hand--supposedly, these are the players they plan to cut (according to PFT).

    Admittedly, most of them are "Who's that?"s, but I figured I'd throw the names out there.
  2. Flying Fungi

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    What--did fashion modeling and skiing affect his professional football development??

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  3. Seymour93

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    Ian Scott visited Foxboro this past offseason but ulitmately Scott signed with the Eagles of course. Wouldn't be surprised if we're one of the first in line for Scott's services again.
  4. primetime

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    Good, Rashad Barksdale wasn't on the list. Doesn't necessarily mean much, but... it's a good sign for the Albany boy.
  5. pats1

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    Well, there ended up being 4 differences between the two lists.

    Not cut: Scott, McCoy, Jordan, Graham

    Cut: C.J. Gaddis, Tank Daniels, Jeremy Clark, Rashard Barksdale
  6. pats1

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    Add Marcus Paschal to that list of "Not Cut." Which means there's somebody who was cut that I'm missing...
  7. pats1

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    And that'd be Bill Sampy.

    So whoever posted that initial list had 5 wrong names.

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