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    How many times did Roethlisberger say that riding without ahelmet was legal, and that if it wasn't, he'd wear a helmet.

    Well, turns out it was illegal. Riders can only not wear helmets if they are licensed, and Big Ben never got a license. His learner'sermit hasd expired, but even with it, he was supposed to ride with a helmet.

    Ha ha. Nice job, Ben. I hope they replay that clip of him saying, "If it was the law, I'd be wearing a helmet, but it isn't so I don't have to."


    Roethlisberger will be issued $388 in fines and fees for riding without a license and not wearing a helmet, police Collision Investigator Dan Connolly said Monday. Only licensed motorcyclists are allowed to ride bareheaded in Pennsylvania, with certain restrictions.
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    Told ya so!

    I was poo-pooed earlier for suggesting Ben would walk away from this because of his size and ability to absorb punishment. Here's what the accident investigator had to say:

    "I think because of Mr. Roethlisberger's size and his athletic ability and the fact that he works out as a professional athlete had a huge part in the fact that he's still with us," Connolly said.

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