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    2. We Hate Anyone Named Manning
    We almost didn't watch the game between the Colts and the Giants because we've developed a condition that results in projectile upchucking whenever we hear the names "Peyton Manning" and "Eli Manning" within 10 seconds of each other.
    Needless to say, the official PFT football viewing room was looking like a Roman vomitorium on Sunday night.
    The most depressing aspect of the constant hype regarding the so-called "Manning Bowl" was that even old-schoolers like John Madden lost all sense of history by focusing primarily, if not exclusively, on the fact that the game presented the first occasion on which two brothers played quarterback against each other in an NFL game.
    Did anyone at NBC bother to notice that the game was also a rematch of the the event that launched the modern era of the NFL?
    NFL Championship. 1958. Colts versus Giants. Televised by (you guessed it) NBC.
    In our view, NBC blew a great chance to herald its return to broadcasting "real" pro football by embracing its role in what knowledgeable NFL aficionados call The Greatest Game Ever Played.
    In contrast, Sunday's game likely will be remembered as the first meeting between two guys who eventually will be able to compare Super Bowl rings with Fran Tarkenton and Dan Marino.

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