Only Chicago is playing solid football...

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    Outside of Chicago parity reigns with many teams of basically equal strength:
    and Maybe

    In our remaining schedule we play 7 teams who so far have 7 wins together total: NYJ,BUF,MIA,TN,HOU,GB,DET

    and 4 games against possible playoff level (16 wins so far) competition:

    I know our inconsistency so far has been disturbing, but it has been caused by injuries and inexperience IMO. I believe these 2 weeks will see us become healthier and better and our opponents suffer from injuries and attrition (fighting each other).

    Pass coming off PUP should be an upgrade over H Evans IMO.
    It is still possible to pick up a WR prior to the trade deadline or miracle of miracles C Jackson could prior to the postseason show up and perform to his level of talent.

    So the point of this thread is, Let us stop beating ourselves up.
    We've had some injuries. We have had some surprises.
    But we are still among the elite with the possibility of going all the way.
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