One Wrong Decision and Your Team Is Ruined

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady'sButtBoy, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Brady'sButtBoy

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    At times, I have been critical of BB and Pioli's personnel moves, I'm just naturally wired not to drink the kool-aid. But one look at the Dolphins and you can help but be reminded of how just one single decision can destroy your team for maybe years.

    Drew Brees is a star and virtually some kind of spiritual leader in New Orleans as he makes believers out of nearly the whole country with his 5-1 Saints. The Saints have a fiery coach who conspired with the FO to nab Brees the second Miami hesitated and the team has the big-time leader at QB it has been missing for years.

    Meanwhile, Culpepper is back in re-hab after his horrendous showing in the early season seems to be a continuation of his poor play before his knee injury. The Dolphins balked on Brees and instead coughed up a high draft pick (2nd) for a walking nightmare. A move which will likely haunt the team until they invest a first round pick on a kid QB in the draft and wait the year or two it takes to get rookies online. Harrington was obtained for another pick (6th round) but clearly is the same guy who has a fire but throws too many INTS. No one can see a SB QB in him, sorry.

    So, Brees is a star and Culpepper and Harrington have one win and are out of the playoffs already and the two will hold down the Dolphins for years. Imagine how the fans feel with the Miami FO. I wouldn't be happy, would you?

    Now, imagine for a moment that BB hadn't been put his full faith and trust in Brady and instead put Bledsoe back in when he healed. Where would the Patriots be today? One crucial decision and the Pats are a dynasty. One crucial decision and the Fins pass on Brees for Culpepper and are likely doomed to mediocre teams for the next few years while the Saints at least have the makings of a team going someplace with Brees steering the ship.

    Just like that and your team is either bound for glory or garbage. Scary...
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  2. BelichickFan

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    The Dolphin OL is so bad that I'm not sure they'd be good with Brees - but I'm glad we don't have to find out.
  3. LA Pats Fan

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    Really Unfair

    First - both Brees and Culpepper sustained injury. At the time the decision was made - no one could predict who would heal first or when it would happen. Sabban rolled the dice and lost.

    Second - Bellicheck watched Tom Brady in practice running his system for 2 full years and knew exactly what he had in Brady. Saban had to rely on film of players running a different system than his and coversations with coaches to understand each player.

    In Bellicheck case it was an easy football decision to make - his problem was the PR nightmare if Brady did not progress fast enough so other could see what he saw. Saban did not have it as easy
  4. zippo59

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    Agreed. The Dolphin's problems run deeper than just their QB.
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    Re: Really Unfair


    Have a cup of kool aid, when BB brews it, it ain't that bad.
  6. RayClay

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    Good point, but you need to extend it. Betting the house on big name free agents and splashy trades puts you in the high risk category.

    Looks great when you hit big, but you collapse if not.

    I wonder what the Dolphins would look like if they had used the 2 #1's and 2 #2's they spent on Ricky, Feeley and Culpepper?

    Gus Frerotte isn't really a bad quarterback. Probably makes better decisions than Culpepper.

    What if they showed some patience and kept him for a few years until they drafted and groomed someone?

    Not much down side to that. Especially if they could have all the picks back.

    Brown's a good runner, but he's not worth 3 #1's.

    The Patriots make careful low risk moves that fans HATE until they work and are geniuses.

    The highest risk bad move was probably Starks and I think we stole someone elses 3rd to replace it, (not sure).

    All trade the farm for Moss and Porter posters please post here.:D

    Thank You.
  7. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Re: Really Unfair

    On your first point - well, Brees was playing like the star that he is when he got hurt and both Saban and the saints got the same up close look before deciding, so I hardly say it was just guessing. Saban chose a guy with character (love boat), poor play and injury issues, Brees was only battling injury.

    Second point - practice success does not always mean game success by any measure. BB really didn't know what he had in Brady until after the first SB.

    Your third point seems illogical. You say BB's decision was an easy "football" one, but then say he'd have had a "nightmare if Brady did not progress fast enough so others could see what he saw." Umm, if Brady didn't progress fast enough wouldn't that have been a bad "football" decision? By saying "Saban didn't have it as easy," you're suggesting that replacing Gus Ferotte was a trickier move than replacing the franchise QB, Bledsoe? Just wondering.
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  8. amazinPats

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    Who is talking about trading the farm? I would offer the Raiders a first rounder (the Pats have two of them) for Moss and no higher than third rounder for Porter. How is that trading the farm?
  9. RayClay

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    I was going to grow some linebackers and cornerbacks with those picks.:D

    No seeds = no crops.

    2#1's super star RickyWilliams = 0 now.

    Are you saying Moss and Porter haven't shown character problems? Why risk those picks?

    Also receivers on truly horrible teams have inflated numbers because teams are always behind so they're always throwing.

    Teams that are ahead run the ball.
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  10. godef

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    The thing being is that I don't think there was any real "decision" on the part of the Patriots staff. It's fairly well documented that it was only a matter of time before BB & staff would opt to replace Bledsoe with Brady had the injury not occurred, possibly in that next game or two if Bledsoe continued to be inefficient in leading the offense. And there is precedent for BB pulling a popular QB whom he felt was no longer on top of his game when he replaced Bernie with Vinnie during his Cleveland stint.
  11. DarrylS

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    Have heard Saban say that the signing Culpepper was on the advice of Dolphins medical staff, find Saban is taking the low road and cannot imagine BB ever doing anything like this. Without regard it is a pee poor decision and will set his program back a couple of years, not sure Saban will last that long.
  12. PonyExpress

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    A team can't make a mistake at two things: Head Coach and QB. Every other mistake can be overcome.
  13. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Nice way to size things up. Have the 'Fins have made both of your deadly sins?
  14. PonyExpress

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    BB says Saban is a great coach. I believe him. But it might take Saban two years to overcome the Culpepper debacle.
  15. psychoPat

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    Nice juxtaposition
    of two crucial, critical, decisive choices.

    btw, LAPF, wasn't it ONE full year of TB, plus a game or two?
  16. alamo

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    Re: Really Unfair

    The wrong decision he made was the first one, that it was important to pick the one who healed first rather than the one who would ultimately be better. There were enough red flags on Culpepper last season that it was simply wishful thinking that he would be the better choice when healthy. I agree picking QBs is something of a crapshoot, but the Dolphins themselves knew there was significant risk with Culpepper or they would not have picked up Harrington.
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  17. Box_O_Rocks

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    Re: Really Unfair

    Harrington was a good pick-up for a #2 QB.
  18. alamo

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    Re: Really Unfair

    I don't agree. The guy proved he couldn't play... I'd rather take a chance on an unproven guy with potential (i.e. take a Cassell over a Harrington). Teams usually insist on an "experienced guy" as #2 (no matter whether that experience is success or failure) when they think there's a great likelyhood that they will need that backup. The coach/GM doesn't look as bad.
  19. PonyExpress

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    According to's analysis, although Rick Mirer is the worst QB of ALL TIME, his flatulence was dispersed among several franchises. The QB in the history of football who the took the biggest steaming dump on a single franchise in pro football history was Joey Harrington on the blue lion logo. Harrington "hurt the Detroit Lions more than any other QB has ever hurt any other NFL team." (scroll down a bit) :D
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  20. skaIownsIyou

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    frerotte wasnt resigned to the dolphins b/c he didnt want to be resigned, he followed linehan to the rams...thats why he's in STL. instead of MIA.

    as for brown...he's not ready to be the work horse of the dolphins....his whole career playing football, he's been playing a two back his college days, he had cadillac williams with him...and the auburn (i thik thats brown's college) coach used a two back system with brown and williams....coming to the dolphins he had another williams....that is ricky williams...and saban also had a 2 back system....

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