One of my favorite Bledsoe/pats moments

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by notex, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. notex

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    i really dont know why but this moment was really cool to me....per reiss

    i remember thinking it was fitting that bledsoe got to come in for one more TD...Bledsoe definitely had a huge role in getting this franchise to where it is now....thanks drew!
  2. JoeSixPat

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    Someone should really start a Drew Bledsoe memory thread!
  3. Danny Boy®

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    My favorite Bledsoe moment was at home game in September of 01 against the Jets....
  4. LuRkeR1978

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    One of my favorite Bledsoe moments was the TD pass he threw real late in the game against Chicago in 1994. It put us up 13-3, and we clinched our first playoff berth in 8 years. I remember the front page of the sports section in our local newspaper was almost a full page color photo of him being carried off the field by Bruce Armstrong....great memories, yes indeed.
  5. Michigan Dave

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    I remember that play. Did Coates catch that? It was Christmas Eve, and I had a tradition of going to my dad's range (he's a golf pro) on Christmas Eve. They have food, drinks, etc. all day and all of their friends/customers would come by and we'd hang there. Well, I was only 14, but I reallllly needed to see this game. There was no Sunday Ticket back then, and the Pats weren't on TV that much at all. So, my dad set up a small B&W TV in the back room- maybe 13". I had my Bledsoe jersey on, and remember running out at every commercial to get more food. When we won, and clinched the playoffs, I ran out into the Pro Shop and basked in the glory of all of the Lions fans who used to laugh at me for rooting for the Pats (go figure!).

    I cried after the Cleveland game that year. :mad:
  6. BigMike

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    i recall my favorite play. After watching Drew underthrow and overthrow his receivers like he did all career, Mo Lewis beat BB by tackling him in 2001. Guy might be a great guy, but he never listenened to his coaches, as documented by Mike Holley in his book.
  7. I have two favorite Bledsoe moments that happened during the 1998-99 season. While the Pats were playing the Dolphins on Monday Night in Foxboro stadium, Bledsoe broke his finger on Zack Thomas's helmet, only to stay in the game and throw a game winning touchdown pass. The following week against the Bills in Foxboro stadium, Bledsoe led the Patriots from behind to throw a final second game winning touchdown to the best tight end ever, Ben Coates! I was screaming my ass off when Coates caught that pass to win the game. I wish I could see it again.
  8. p8ryts

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    Thanks to Danny Boy and Big Mike for not taking an opportunity to keep their mouths shut. *&%$#.

    Actually Drew was our best QB ever except for Tom Brady. There are too many great moments to remember. The Miami shootout when he was a rookie. The Miami game with the broken finger. The Minnesota game. The Pittsburgh playoff win. Ironically, one of my favorites was the final game of 2000 in Buffalo in a blowing snow, the winds were horizontal. He and Flutie had a great battle with Drew coming out on top. 2000 took a lot out of Drew. Belichick put the worst OL in history in front of Drew. Remember, what Warren Sapp said about Drew after a tough Pats loss. Citing his courage and toughness.

    Drew may not make the Hall of Fame but up through 1999, he was one of the best. He will always be one of my favorite Patriots and I will choose to remember the good things he accomplished.
  9. PatsRI

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    It's gotta be the MIN comeback game with the touchdown pass to Kevin Turner in OT to win it.
  10. Danny Boy®

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    So only you can comment on the guy?

    Bledsoe made some of the most rediculous decisions Ive ever seen....including the hit he took when he came off the bench in the 01 Steeler playoff game....he almost died from that same hit a few months earlier!

    If he was so great, why did he lose his job on every team he played for in the NFL and why hasnt any teams contacted him about playing this year?
  11. italian pat patriot

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    Drew Bledsoe: the best qb in our franchise history after Tom Brady

    no doubt

    his arrival arrived in a moment where we were at the real bottom

    i have impressed many amazing games from him expecially end 1998

    after Drew arrival we started to go many times in the play-offs, we were contenders, we were competitive

    thks a lot # 11 - grazie !

    for me he will be always a Patriot
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  12. All_Around_Brown

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    I dont think you can place blame on BB for Drews undoing. His OL stunk for years, IMO. From the SB vs. GB in 96-97 on through 00, he was getting crushed back there and never, ever, tried to adjust by quickening his release.

    The game changed over that time, but Drew could not. He will always be known as a statue with slow reflexes. Heck of a build but never the decision making ability to truly master the position.

    That being said, I respect that guy like no other, for what he did for this franchise, especially in 01 as a mentor and true Patriot.

    I wish he would come back with the team in some capacity.
  13. Danny Boy®

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    Kinda funny how Tom Brady managed with that O line huh?

    Its called ----s...l...o....w....r....e....a....c....t....i....o....n
  14. JoeSixPat

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    No question Drew was slower than Brady. Brady also had and still has better pocket presence than Bledsoe - actually I'd say Brady has the BEST pocket presence I've ever seen as he always seems to feel the rush and is able to move just fast enough to scramble away.

    But I agree with AAB that given the makeup of the team, Bledsoe was not going to get it done for the Patriots. The pre- BB OL's weren't all that good either with Max Lane et al. I think when Bruce Armstrong was in his prime you saw Bledsoe and the team have some pretty good seasons, and that's no accident.

    BB couldn't change the team overnight though - and even when Brady got in, he called for simple short passes that had very low risk, and didn't require Brady to hold the ball for very long at all. Look back at the 2001 stats and you'll see the lowest number of 20+ pass attempts in his career - that was by design.

    This isn't unusual for a backup or rookie to be given a very simple low risk, low pressure gameplan. Additionally it often takes opposing teams time to adjust, as they truly don't know what the backup QB is capable of.

    For whatever the reason, Bledsoe could never master the short game - he was much more in his element standing in the pocket and sending a laserbeam 20 yards downfield. Brady could master that and it fit perfectly with a low risk gameplan for the near rookie - and was obviously successful.

    So yes, Drew was and has often been a victim of a bad OL - but as slow as he was here, he got slower in Buffalo and Dallas - and not even a full all-star OL would be able to give him enough time to be an effective QB. It hurts to say because I'm a big fan of the guy but it's the truth.
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  15. 3 to be 4

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    funniest Bledsoe moment for me was when he took the sack while playing for the Bills and his OL got so ticked off at Bledsoe for holding the ball he just lost it on the field. i'd never seen an Offensive Lineman scream at a QB for taking a sack
  16. brdmaverick

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    I don't know why I remember this, but I'm pretty sure it was Vincent Brisby who made that TD catch.
  17. brdmaverick

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    My favorite Bledsoe moment........

    That last minute game winning drive against Miami on a Monday night game in which he broke his finger in two spots yet still pulled out the victory. The Pats converted two 'third and longs' as well as two 'fouth and longs' in winning that game. It was a gritty performance by Drew.
  18. SpiderFox53

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    He lost his job in NE because a younger better QB, came along, he lost his job in Buffalo because they were hoping (incorrectly IMHO) that a younger better QB had come along, he lost his job in Dallas because he's old and the game has passed him by.

    How do you know that no teams have contacted him? Where do you get this info?

    Drew was never the Greatest QB, but for many years in NE he was a very good QB. I feel sorry for those of you that only see the bad because the good far outweighed it.
  19. Danny Boy®

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    Drew...I'm sure theres many reasons why you lost your job in 3 CITIES!...dont worry, happens all the time. :D

    As for other teams contacting him....why wait until now to retire? Why not after the season? If Miami offered him the starting job, do you really think he'd turn it down? :rolleyes:
  20. nashvillepatsfan

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