One more view of Brady's last drive v Redskins

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Buchanty, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Buchanty

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    I went back to review the tape on the game after all the noise about running up the score and I came up with the following observations:

    Brady only had two possessions in the second half and began the last one with 2:02 remaining on the 3rd quarter clock. If he hadn't started that drive he would have gone to the bench after slightly less than 2 and a half quarters. In my mind that is taking it too lightly before the game of the season next week. So if you bring him in for only his second possession, I assume that most fans will accept its ok for him to finish it.

    Now for the interesting part - I suspect that the whole drive was an exercise in how to execute without Brady (TE) blocking with the OL. The reason I say this is because the drive is incredibly balanced in terms of who participates and play calling. It went as follows:

    Evans 3 yd Rush
    Moss 6 yd Pass (left)
    Maroney 4 yd Rush
    Rivers incomplete (drop)
    Gaffney 21 yd pass (called back due to Offense PI on Welker)
    Welker 11 yd pass (left/slot)
    Stalworth 14 yd pass (left)
    Evans 10 yd rush
    Moss 35 yd pass (right)
    Evans 7 yd rush (left)
    Stalworth incomplete pass in the EZ (5th target)
    False Start Koppen
    Faulk 8 yd rush (right)
    Brady 3 yd rush (middle)
    False Start Moss
    Faulk 8yd rush (middle)
    Welker 2 yd pass - TOUCHDOWN

    8 passes (2 incs and 1 called back by penalty)
    7 rushes

    more amazingly each one of the starters (other than Maroney) got 2 shots at the ball (Heath got Maroneys extra) and one each for Gaffney and Rivers (dont think he will be with us long).

    It is almost too mathematical - and I suspect as much an exercise in execution as one in team participation.

    I was just wondering if this was to simulate life with an injured Brady (TE) or life with Brady (TE) tied up with Freeney and Mathis.

    I just dont see any of this as running up the score, and certainly nothing that disrepects Gibbs or the Redskins as they used everybody rather than exploiting mismatches.

    footnote: it was a shame about Gaffney's catch as it was nicely executed, but I just couldnt see where Welker caused the PI, partly because he was just out of camera angle for a millisecond. However I didnt see he or the nearest defender acting as if there was contact. Anyone out there with a better view?
  2. The 12th Man

    The 12th Man On the Game Day Roster

    great observation. nice post
  3. Snake

    Snake Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Charger fans are wild over on their board. They believe it isn't far-fetched that a contract will be put out on Brady's knees. Too much.

    Nice analysis. Thanks
  4. vinhividivici

    vinhividivici Rookie

    yeah, it's not the Pats fault they executed well on the plays, but to handicap them by telling them they should sit down starters who are new to the systems with only 8 games under their belts is ridiculous. remember last year this time we were still saying about Brady's weapons "give them more time, they're still gelling" now they're saying bench them? Stupid opposing fans.
  5. marty

    marty In the Starting Line-Up

    After several years of hearing from Chargers fans, I come to the conclusion that the majority of the message board crowd are either just out of grade school or vastly uneducated to the NFL. Then again I remember Polian yelling for Flutie to get his leg broke.....
  6. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    The Chargers fans are just extremely sore losers.
    They are led by Mr. Sore Loser himself, aka I am Classy, Ladanian Tomlinson.
    They were full of bravado talking about how it was 'payback' time before the game between the Pats this year.
    After their team got whipped soundly 38-14, they've had nothing to do except express their displeasure through whining and sour grapes.
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  7. Bella*chick

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    Who cares what Charger fans think? Frankly, it's totally hilarious that the rest of the NFL teams AND fans are obsessed with us. That should really help them focus on their own goals.:rolleyes:

    I completely agree that the drive had nothing to do with embarrassing the Redskins. You could put any team on the other side of the ball and the Patriots would execute the plays they want to execute in any given situation. It did feel like they were "working" on stuff, almost like at a practice. And it's smart to be working on the little things, the penalties, the mental errors, etc. Let up on the gas too much and you may never get it back.
  8. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    The only comment about that drive is I don't want to see Rivers on the field anymore.
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