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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by HomerSchooled, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Well, it's the day before the draft. I'm going to miss thinking about all the possibilities. Figure I'd try one last time to come up with a realistic, complete mock that could still put this team over the top. Also, I'll actually list a couple possible prospects for certain picks.

    17 + 60 for as far as it will take us: WR Julio Jones, Alabama

    Judging by recent trades in the top 12, I think the 17th and the 60th pick could get us to Washington or higher, which should be good enough for Jones. Holmgren's never been one to take WRs high, especially after Koren Robinson, and I don't think he'd use the 6th for the second best prospect at the position. An elite prospect with a great attitude, Jones would be an absolute nightmare in our scheme. Would improve the run game with his blocking and the big play threat he presents. Branch and Welker are FAs next year, so there is a need. I admit it's not our biggest, but the value is there.

    33 + 92 for Sea's 25: DE Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple or Cameron Heyward, Ohio State

    We jump ahead of Baltimore for our pick of the best remaining DEs. I can't really decide between either. I suppose Wilkerson has higher upside and has more potential as a disruptor. But Heyward's dominance in big games and his reputation as a leader would make him a wonderful addition, as well. One if not both should be available.

    28 + 159 for SD's 50 and 61

    50: OLB Allen Bailey, Miami

    I've become intrigued by the idea of playing Bailey as a sort of jumbo OLB. Could potentially be dominant in pass rush and run defense, which means he brings good value on all downs. Has experience as a LB and rushing from a two point stance. Admittedly, his ability to pass drop is a concern, but his character, flexibility, and athleticism can't be denied. His recent weight drop from 285 to 275 suggests he's exploring the possibility of transitioning.

    61 OT/OG James Carpenter, Alabama or Marcus Gilbert, Florida

    We go to the Alabama and Florida connections for a future RT or OG. I'd prefer Carpenter, as his versatility is likely a little bit better, but word is he's rising up draft boards pretty steadily. Ideally, Mankins stays for the year or gets a long term deal, and either one of these guys can inherit the RT role when Vollmer moves over to the left.

    74: OC/OG John Moffitt, Nebraska

    Moffitt has started a bunch of games at C, which is why I like him a little more than some other G prospects. Dan Koppen is probably our worst starter on the line, and his contract is done soon. Moffitt could replace him, or just provide added depth on the inside. Good leader at a good program, and word is his stock is rising. Tough guy willing to improve. Bigger than most Centers, which is good since he'd face so many 3-4 NTs.

    125: RB Delone Carter, Syracuse

    The type of squat, powerful RB that seems in vogue right now. Above average skills as a receiver. A nice compliment to BJE and Woodhead. Running Back, it should be noted, will also be by far the easiest position to fill in free agency. There's a bunch of good veterans available, and it's not a technically demanding position.

    193: OLB Ricky Elmore, Arizona

    Elmore led his team in sacks the past two years (10 and 11), easily dwarfing his much heralded teammate Brooks Reed (2 and 7). In fact, he's led the Pac 10 in sacks for consecutive regular seasons. Good height (6'5) and vertical (34 1/2), poor speed (4.88) and arm length (31). 10 yard split wasn't bad at 1.64, but he's clearly a mediocre athlete. It's the sixth round. Between Gronk and Bruschi, Arizona's been good to us. Why not take a chance on outstanding production, great intangibles, and an incessant motor? He seems like just the sort of player who could make people wonder how they missed him in a few years.

    So, in a perfect world:
    10: Julio Jones WR
    25: Muhammad Wilkerson or Cameron Heyward DE
    50: Allen Bailey OLB
    61: James Carpenter or Marcus Gilbert OT
    74: John Moffitt OC/OG
    125: Delone Carter RB
    193: Ricky Elmore OLB

    If either Moffitt, Gilbert, or Carpenter can prove an upgrade anywhere on the OL, the Offense should be looking at yet another 500 point season. With all the youth and depth, the Defense only has a few spots open, and I think Bailey with either Heyward or Wilkerson could have the skill sets to complete the front 7. What do you guys think? Good enough for a championship or two?
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    Your not on Ricky Elmore got me thinking. I bet most people forget that several years ago there was another DE who ran a 4.8 forty - His name: Dwight Freeney. Just a thought. BTW - 4.8 was also my 40 time back in the day when it was considered a good time for an OLB and a decent time for a SS. (the 2 positions I played after college


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    I like Elmore...I almost included him in my mock draft a few days ago

    Certainly is a possibility,especially if we pass on LBs in the early rounds which I could see happening easily
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