One last shot at Buffalo

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FrontSeven, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Did anybody else see that 5 second flash of a woman holding the sign that said, "Do you believe in miracles?"

    That was hillarity. Then I was sad. I felt sad for the fool. Didn't Buffalo already get their allotment of miracles against the Oilers? What, you want another one, lady? How many miracles do you think I have to hand out to you people? You already got one and then blew it, so don't bother me now.

    The other interesting point about that sign is that it reminded me that miracles are about all they have left now, and I don't mean just Buffalo fans. Anybody wishing for the Patriots to lose are just wishing for a miracle, and that means that they are decidedly on the wrong side of the odds.

    Pondering the heavy reality of this miracle thing I realized (bing) that the lady's pathetic sign was the biggest compliment she could have given to the Patriots. Even when they're cheering for their own team they're unconsciously complimenting the Patriots. The Patriots are at a level that all fans recognize as great, whether they admit it or not, succumb or not, or like it or not. It just is. This is it: We've achieved NFL Zen status.

    But as John Madden said, "what are fans to do?" What is left for them? Why should they show up or cheer? Where is the motivation to sit in the cold and watch your team get humiliated? Some day nobody is going to show up. There will be more fans at Patriots camp than in the stands at the Meadowlands or the Ralph.

    Hmmmm. I guess that's about where the Red Sox were in the early sixties when the Yankees came to town. Oh, well, we figured out the answer to that problem: GET BETTER. GET SMART. BUILD A GOOD TEAM. DON'T WISH FOR HANDOUTS FROM GOD.
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