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One last look at the numbers, then I am moving on... 3rd downs...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by cstjohn17, Jan 22, 2007.

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    This is pretty much the whole story... the Pats couldn't stay on the field in the second half and most of the 3rd downs were greater than 6+ yards....

    ------------------------------Pats ------- Colts
    THIRD DOWN EFFICIENCY 5-14-36% 8-15-53%
    FOURTH DOWN EFFICIENCY 2-2-100% 0-0-0%

    36% = bad, 53% = ok, watching the game it seemed like the Colts we executing at 80+%..

    1st half - 4 for 6 and 2-2 on 4th down
    3-6-NE28 (14:06) (Shotgun) K.Faulk left tackle to NE 36 for 8 yards (B.Sanders). 3-8-NE38 (12:43) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass incomplete short left to K.Faulk.

    3-9-NE44 (9:21) (Shotgun) K.Faulk left tackle to IND 48 for 8 yards (A.Bethea, R.Mathis).
    4-1-IND48 (8:52) C.Dillon right tackle pushed ob at IND 13 for 35 yards (A.Bethea).
    3-1-IND0 (7:36) T.Brady FUMBLES (Aborted) at IND 4, touched at IND 2, recovered by NE-L.Mankins at IND 0. TOUCHDOWN.

    3-1-NE37 (15:00) T.Brady up the middle to NE 39 for 2 yards (R.Morris, C.June).
    3-11-IND39 (11:53) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short right to K.Faulk to IND 34 for 5 yards (K.Hayden, R.Brock).
    4-6-IND34 (11:07) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short middle to T.Brown to IND 7 for 27 yards (J.David).

    3-8-IND46 (6:15) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short middle to B.Watson to IND 32 for 14 yards (M.Jackson).
    3-6-IND28 (4:32) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short left to B.Watson pushed ob at IND 19 for 9 yards (C.June).
    PENALTY on NE-T.Brown, Offensive Pass Interference, 10 yards, enforced at IND 28 - No Play.
    3-16-IND38 (4:05) (Shotgun) H.Evans up the middle to IND 34 for 4 yards (R.Mathis).
    PENALTY on NE-B.Watson, Illegal Motion, 5 yards, enforced at IND 38 - No Play.
    3-21-IND43 (3:37) (Shotgun) T.Brady sacked at IND 49 for -6 yards (R.Brock).

    2nd half, this is where it gets scary... 1 for 6

    3-2-NE26 (7:23) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short left to H.Evans pushed ob at NE 26 for no gain (A.Bethea, J.David).

    3-6-IND6 (1:35) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short right to J.Gaffney for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN [R.Mathis]. Play Challenged by IND and Upheld. (Timeout #1 by IND at 01:25.)

    3-8-NE29 (12:01) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short right to L.Maroney to NE 35 for 6 yards (R.Brock, R.Mathis). IND-B.Sanders was injured during the play.

    3-7-IND10 (7:50) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass incomplete short right to R.Caldwell.

    3-10-IND29 (4:29) (Shotgun) H.Evans right tackle to IND 25 for 4 yards (G.Brackett).

    3-4-NE46 (2:30) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass incomplete short right to T.Brown (B.Sanders).
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