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    By Irvin Baxter, President of Endtime Magazine
    http://www.endtime.com & http://www.nonationalid.com

    If the government of the United States passed a law for security purposes that every American had to have a personal ID number tattooed on his or her hand, without which that person would not be permitted to buy or sell, would you accept it?
    I'm sure most of you are saying, "No way! Not over my dead body!"
    Yet, such a law has already been passed with one minor difference-which really is no difference. You won't have the number tattooed on your hand. You only have to have the number on a card in your hand. The bottom line is you will have the number in your hand or you will not be able to buy or sell.
    The new law requires every American to have a national ID card without which you will be unable to hold a job, and you will not be able to have a bank account. With no job and no bank account, how much buying and selling will you be able to do? Obviously, none!
    Now allow me to ask the question once again. Will you accept a number in your hand in order to keep your job or have a bank account? Think about it very carefully. Each of us will have to answer this question between now and May 11, 2008 when the Real ID Act is scheduled for implementation.

    So…what's it matter anyway?
    The prophecy found in Revelation 13:15-18 foretells that a time will come when every person on earth will be forced to have a number in the hand or in the forehead, or else the individual will not be able to buy or sell.
    Has this sunk in yet? The prophecy is 2,000 years old, but it is happening now! I'm not saying that it might happen. I'm saying that the law is already passed by Congress and signed by our president. We are watching the implementation in process now!

    What's behind this national ID?
    The rationale being given for the creation of a national ID is to guard against the threat of terrorism. However, the global government crowd wanted a national ID long before terrorism reared its ugly head. Twenty-seven years ago in its September 15, 1980 edition, the U.S. News & World Report carried an editorial entitled "A National Identity Card" by Editor Marvin Stone. In the editorial, Stone argued that a national ID was needed to thwart illegal immigration, protecting American jobs from illegal immigrants.
    In spite of what Homeland Security is saying, the national ID is not really a security issue. It's all about control. You can't control a population unless you issue each of them a number. Then you must force them to use that number for employment, travel, and banking. This accomplished, you can force compliance to any mandate issued by the government since invalidation of the person's number renders the individual a non-person. Economic control means controlling a person's ability to exist.
    This is exactly what the prophecy says will happen during the time just ahead called the great tribulation. And this is exactly what will happen when the national ID is fully implemented.

    Deception, deception, deception

    Deception #1
    When is a national ID card not a national ID card? When Homeland Security says so! From the very beginning, the national ID card has been shrouded in deception. Wanting a national ID card, but knowing the American people would never stand for it, the decision was made to call the national ID the Real ID. Abracadabra! Now it's not a national ID card!
    At the recent National Forum on the Real ID held in Sacramento, California on May 1, 2007, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Richard Barth emphatically stated, "This is not a national ID!" And he actually expected us to believe him! Of course, we didn't.
    There's actually a very simple way to rip the cover off of this blatant deception once and for all. Question #1: Is the Real ID an ID card? Yes, of course. Everyone, including Homeland Security agrees. This is an ID card.
    Now, question #2: Was this ID card created by a state law or by a national law? Why…it was created by a national law.
    Then it's a national ID card! It's really very simple…except when you're trying to deceive people into accepting something they don't want.

    Deception #2
    The promoters of the national ID claim repeatedly that the Real ID Act was a legitimately passed law of Congress. It is true that the House of Representative did pass the Real ID Act. However, it was suspected that much stiffer resistance would be met when the bill was sent to the Senate.
    In order to stave off the possibility of defeat of this key bill that was at the heart of governmental planners' vision for dramatically increased control of the populace, the Real ID Act was stealthily hidden on the back of a must-pass funding bill for our troops in Iraq. The 1000-page bill passed 100-0. Think of it! A bill spelling the end of freedom for Americans being deceitfully slipped through the Senate on the back of funding for our troops. You have to admit…that is politics at its finest! Many of the senators didn't even realize until later that they had voted for the Real ID.

    Deception #3
    True or False? The terrorist attacks of 9/11 would not have happened if only we would've had a national ID card system.
    The proponents of a national ID card love to repeat this myth over and over. It is their number one selling point for the national ID. But is it true? No. It is blatantly false! Half of the 9/11 terrorists had legal IDs. The other half had IDs that satisfied airline standards at the time. We can be assured that if the Real ID had been in force on 9/11, the hijackers would have made sure that each of them had the necessary documentation to clear security. These were terrorists, but they weren't dumb!

    Deception #4
    The latest piece of ammunition in the pro-national ID arsenal is a Zogby poll supposedly showing that 70 percent of Americans support the introduction of national standards for driver's licenses under the Real ID Act.
    They conveniently fail to disclose that, in the same poll, only 44 percent favored a national ID card, and 51 percent opposed a national ID card. This huge discrepancy between what Homeland Security is implying and the reality simply illustrates that the government's disinformation campaign has been very effective. The fact is that the establishment of national standards for driver's licenses under the Real ID Act is the creation of a national ID card-the very thing that 51 percent of the American people are against.
    One more time…Is the Real ID a national ID? Answer: It is an ID card, and it was created by a national law. It's a national ID no matter how much the Washington bureaucrats try to deceive and deny. Still, Homeland Security continues to claim a majority of Americans are for something that they are, in fact, against! Again…deception, deception, deception!
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    just wait until they require you to get a chip implanted. :eek:

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