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  1. SVN

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    what is the story on them ? ignoring the record i mean...strengths/weaknesses. I assume they kinda run the denver system which should make it more interesting but anyone watched them enough to provide any details ?
  2. BelichickFan

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    Very quick stat check says :

    Running they're tied for 21-25th averaging 3.8. We average 3.9.
    Run defense they're tied for 23/24th averaging 4.4. We allow 3.5 (with Vince).

    Passing they average 6.4 per pass. We average 6.83.
    They allow 7.49 per pass. We allow 6.81.

    They have 16 takeaways and 20 giveaways. We have 27 takeaways and 24 giveaways.

    Their punter nearly leads the leage in average but also leads the league in touchbacks and is middle of the road in IN20%. Of course, we have Walter :(
  3. PatsDeb

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    Good Lord we need a win this week, and a convincing one. Doesn't Houston have a crappy O line and a passer who goes down early and often? I thought our D did pretty well against Miami; they just couldn't keep it going through the 4th quarter since they had been on the field all game. Please tell me that the Texans do not have a good pass rush. PS - What is going to keep other teams from copying Miami's game plan? (Prevent the receivers from getting off the LOS and tee off on Brady).
  4. BelichickFan

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    It's all about the players. Like was said in the other thread, what Miami did leaves TE open - but with Miami that leaves you with less options to double Taylor. Or you can double him and . . . bye bye TE. Houston doesn't have a Taylor.
  5. BelichickFan

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    Yeah, Houston is tied for 7th/8th worst in sacks allowed with 38. We are 14th with 25 allowed. Defensively, we have 34 sacks and they have 26 so this is to our advantage all the way around.
  6. BelichickFan

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    Bump . . . all Gabriel and McDaniels but no Texans ?
  7. TracerTrav87

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    He doesn't lack talent overall, he lacks talent on the line. The Texans Offensive Line has been plagued with injuries.... Chester Pitts is the only lineman that is still starting from the beginning of this year. The line has not had a chance to gel, and Kubiak needs an offensive line that can help move the ball.

    Right now the Texans are playing Ron Dayne as the #1 RB because he hits the holes quickly and can bring a few guys with him. Wali Lundy will get some goal line and 3rd down touches, depending on how Kubiak is preparing for this game. Samkon Gado could be active as well.

    As far as WR, the Texans have depth. The only problem is that the O-line doesn't give David Carr enough time to take a breath before he has to get rid of that ball. Get ready to see a lot of quick 3 or 5 step drops followed by dinks and dunks up the field.

    The Texans defense has really improved since the beginning of the year and is led by rookie DeMeco Ryans, who leads the league in Solo and Total Tackles.

    All in all I hope that it will be an injury-free, enjoyable game.
  8. edgecy

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    Haven't been keeping track of Mario Williams, how is he working out for you guys?
  9. SVN

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    the fact that its the denver system ..zone blocking and all..makes me wary of them irrespective of their record
  10. PatsDeb

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    I didn't think about that one. BB and Brady (and McDaniels) have to change things up somehow. Did they try the hurry-up offnese in Miami? It doesn't seem like they tried it too much. I was so numbed by the results and our failure to change things up that I can't remember. All I can recall is Brady sprintiing backwards 15 yds., holding the ball too long, then sack. I couldn't understand, since Dillon was running fairly well, why they didn't give it to Faulk, or even Evans or Pass more, and why they didn't do the RB screen more often to get them to back off. Our defense should be fine (I hope).
  11. PatsDeb

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    Well, the fact that they didn't try it until the 4th quarter explains why I don't remember it. In an uncharacteristic move for me, I pretty much stopped watching at the beginning of the 4th quarter when it was clear we were not going to get anything done on offense. If we can't get it together and beat Houston, we might as well start thinking about next year. Hopefully the jettisoning of Gabriel means the team is trying mightily to shake things up and get out of this funk. They've got to get one of these guys going for these last three games (and hopefully beyond) going deep as a threat. Maybe it could be Gafney? What is so disappointing for me is that it is the end of the season and instead of gelling and steadily improving, we seem to be getting worse.
  12. TracerTrav87

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    36 Tackles
    4.5 Sacks
    1 FR

    Mario has been a non-factor for the past five games. He is playing with an injured foot. He is a developing young prospect, and in my opinion he will be a lock at the DE position for the Texans for the next decade. That said, I do not know how much of an effect he will have on this game.

    The last time we played the Pats was in Reliant, and we took you guys to OT. I hope that we can have another close game like that.
  13. Pat the Pats Fan

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    And the last time the Pats played in Reliant, (not against the Texans though), it was a Super game.....
  14. BelichickFan

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    Any more game talk in and around all the stupid stuff ?

    Looks like no Wilfork, but we should be OK for one game. Same with Watson and I am interested to see if Dave Thomas does much in his absence in case Graham leaves as a FA. Maroney - I have no clue about him, I hope he plays so we can start to get a little consistency going with the offense.
  15. Wow, I'm actually quite surprised at how much respect you Pats fans are giving my lowly Texans. I sure appreciate it, but I have to assure you that y'all have absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

    Overall, the Texans offense has been absolutely awful. Look for them to dunk pass you to death. Carr has thrown ONE TD pass in the past SEVEN games, dreadful really. Not only that, but he has a propensity of fumbling the ball while getting sacked. He makes terrible decisions and will not throw the ball downfield even if his life depended on it. But I don't know if it's all his fault or if it's the despicable play of the O-line who will "Ole" your defenders right into Carr's face. They can runblock at times, but should you really be concerned about a team with RON DAYNE as the starter? I don't think so.

    Andre Johnson is a very good receiver expect when it comes to catching a long pass where he tends to drop a lot of easy receptions. Eric Moulds gets a couple of touches a game, but not nearly enough. Owen Daniels is a very good 4th round pick TE who can block and catch passes, but again he also rarely gets a chance to show what he can do since Carr doesn't scan the field and will instead throw a short pass to the RB's. The Texans only do 3-5 step drops and Carr usually has about half a second to throw before he is ravaged by the defense. Look for your team to come out with about 6 sacks against us unless we decide to run the ball the whole game which is what we did against Oakland after David Carr fumbled the ball THREE possessions in a row.

    Defensively, we're a little better. As another Texans poster mentioned, Mario Williams really hasn't done much since he hurt his tootsie. 3 of his 4.5 sacks this year have come from him flopping on the QB that slipped, not an auspicious start for him, especially as the #1 overall pick that the Texans screwed up on. DeMeco Ryans, first pick in round 2, is a stud ball hawk. He's good for 12-15 tackles a game and is always in the right places. Overall though, the DL and linebacking corps leave much to be desired.

    The Texans have probably the worst secondary in the NFL. Dunta Robinson is more designed as a free safety, not a #1 CB, he gets burned a lot but hits VERY hard. Our #2 corner is Demarcus Faggins, who got burned by a Mr. Lee Evans from Buffalo a few games ago giving up 2 84-yard TD's in a row. He's been playing a bit better lately, but doesn't really shut anyone down. Glenn Earl, the SS can hit a little but covers like crap and is generally ineffective. Our FS, CC Brown is awful, he can't cover or hit or walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Watch out for the special teams, though. Our KR, who I'm sure you'll see a lot of, Jerome Mathis, is FAST and is probably one of the best KR's in the league, he was in the Pro Bowl last year but just came back from injury a couple of weeks ago. PR is Dexter Wynn, who's been doing alright. Chad Stanley, the Punter is dreadful. He's good for the nice 30-yard punts when the team needs to put the opponent deep. He's good at shanking punts too. Kris Brown the kicker has been doing better. Coverage teams on kicks and punts have been excellent this year.

    Overally, I look for the Pats to cover the 11.5 point spread easily and paste the Texans. But thank you kind New Englanders for allowing the Texans to step on the same field as y'all. Maybe in a couple of years, the Texans will have a smidgen of a chance, but not '06. But anyways, here's to an injury-free game. I'm sure the Pats are licking their chops for this joke of a team.
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    You haven't watched the Pats-Lions film
  17. cstjohn17

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    Maybe we can trade our WRs for theirs... we will throw in a practice squad punter... and M. Hill...
  18. I don't know what depth at WR we have. We have Andre Johnson, who is Pro Bowl-bound, and Eric Moulds. After those two it's just Kevin Walter, a FA pickup from Cincy, Jerome Mathis, who never plays WR, and David Anderson who is only on special teams.

    We have depth more at TE with Owen Daniels, Jeb Putzier, and Mark Bruener.
  19. shirtsleeve

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    We SHOULD win the battle of the trenches this week, assuming we can assemble enough healthy starters. Objectively, this SHOULD be a two touchdown game and a chance to do some more work on offense, especially on the mental aspects. IF there are no more turnovers, and IF the dumb actual penalties can be eliminated (sorry, but getting your head tripped over after you've been blocked from behind and knocked to the ground is not actually roughing the passer), this SHOULD be a solid win.

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