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    I have been re-considering the Welker acquisition. I think Belichick and Pioli have a real coup and an unrecognized and unappreciated two-for-one deal.

    I also heartily endorse the #2 and #7 option to remove any commissioner actions from tossing the acquisition into a hiatus. Recall Branch's pledge to "honor his contract..." ? It left them believing he would eventually be there; and left them holding a pot of money for him and no player. They had to scramble.

    Suppose the Commissioner were to do the same,negate the deal pending a full review, not settled until August? No Welker, no mini-camps or Training Camp for Welker, even if the deal eventually went through. Remember the Commissoner has pledged to stop the poison pills.

    Welker went undrafted because like Troy Brown he was marginally sized (5'9")and had marginal speed ( 4.6). Scouts downgraded him. Scouts overlooked that he was extremely quick and elusive. Like Troy Brown, he can get open and like Troy, he can make people miss. He knows how to set up and use his blocking too, just like Troy did.

    He has a rare first five and ten yard speed, quickness and suddenness.

    He had a very productive college career catching enormous numbers of passes, but the scouts only saw the stop watch times. They dismissed the production.

    Do you remember how Troy would catch a punt and head straight up field, juke the first guy, cut off of a block, and get through the wave into the open? It didn't take speed, it took elusiveness.

    Do you remember Troy as a WR getting off the line, cutting and getting separation, and using his reliable hands to make catch after catch?

    It made Troy a dangerous player. Welker is another 2001 version of Troy, in his Prime, and no one ever accused Troy of being fast... Even when Troy caught 101 passes, people didn't want to give him #1 WR status.

    So what? Belichick could care less; he would be happy with the production.

    Both Gaffney and Caldwell have the good speed, and both caught long passes from Brady. Both would not have been second round picks with size, without the stopwatch affirmations. If the reliable short route guy is there, they can be sent on deeper patterns, more often, that both have demonstrated they can do with TB.

    Bill and Scott have done a "twofer"; they got a possession receiver that allows their present, already existing speed, to be better utilized, more often. One acquisition to get help two places; possessions and ironically deep threats, as well. With Welker they no longer need to acquire the deep receiver; they have two, and after CJ returns three of them. Now the fourth receiver can be Troy or wait for CJ, and the fifth can be the PS graduates or a later draftee. WR is solved.

    Well done !!!:D
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    kewwwwllll another welker thread

    i think the pats settled on draft pick compensation so they can put closure to this and move onto another player.... maybe another wr?

    the question is ...are they done with free agency or still going after someone else?
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    Disable Jersey

    What is with AZ fans that they need to start their own threads when there are several others on the topic?

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