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    The Draft and rookie minicamp has come and gone. There is time for reflection. Here are some observations after a few weeks of reflection.

    Belichick has invested in his defensnive line this offseason, Tom Kelly has size and his play included interior penetration ability. So also does Canadian import Armond Armstead. The pass rush is better even without the year 2 growth of Chandler Jones and Jake Bequette; and ignoring the draft of OLB Jamie Collins.

    The Pats had two openings at DE and OLB. The OLB help drafted, was a coverage LB and former Safety, who can cover TEs. But I question whether any LB can cover the better TEs.

    Belichick's solution was to acquire big Safeties who can match up in coverage abilities and size with the TEs of today. Adrian Wilson is a LB-sized SS who in his career has made several Probowls. His career is coming to an end, and he can't cover WRs any longer, but did BB bring him in to cover slower, less nimble TEs, as a OLB?

    He also chose to draft a very fast DB, who outgrew his position. Jamie Collins is a spectacular athlete with a 41" high jump and a 11" long jump. He might evenbe able to rsuh the passer. But can he play football?

    BB decided it was time to redo the WR position. BB passed over less intelligent athletes to draft a pair of very smart receivers. One graduated in only 3 years and was attending Grad School already. The other was a 3.0+ GPA student. Did BB give up too much athletic ability, for the team oriented smarts of his selections and FA signings? As an aside: Brandon Lloyld and Dante Stallworth and even Deion Branch are still available to be recalled if necessary.

    BB wanted more depth for his secondary. He never wanted to have to play a ST player like Marquis Cole against a premium WR, ever again. So he chose a safe CB Logan Ryan.

    Then in a reprise of the 2012 draft, BB surprised everybody and chose a Safety that everone thought was very overated. The pair have much in common. Team capatains, natural leaders, able fo diagnsoe and set the Defense are characteristics applied to both the 2012 and 2013 Safeties chosen.

    Predictably, the draftniks were excized. I'm not so sure. BB obviously wants his Safeties to be able to think, as well as play athletically. It would seem he seeks a more athletic James Sanders rather than more Meriwethers.

    As an aside the athletic Patrick Chung, chosen at the beginning of the second round, and draftnik approved, was driven off the roster by the draft questionable Tavon Wilson. Is Duran Harmon another such unrecognized prize?
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    You sir are high.
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    Predictably, the draftniks were excized.

    I have no idea what this means...excize is not a word...if you meant excise, then it doesn't make sense.

    Can Jamie Collins play football?...uh...wha????????

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