OMG! Schilling in a Roethlisberger jersey

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Drewwho, May 5, 2007.

  1. Drewwho

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  2. DefenseRules

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    He's a RED SOX player. They can do what they want. THEY RULE THE UNIVERSE.:rolleyes:
  3. upstater1

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    I'm a bigger Patriots fan than I am a Red Sox fan, but I wonder if you really don't understand why Tom's hat would rub people the wrong way, and schilling's wouldn't. Put it this way: did you grow up in New England? If you did, then I can't understand how you can possibly ask that question.
  4. Drewwho

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    I live and grew up in NE and I do not understand how a guy walking down the street minding his own business is not allowed to wear whatever hat he wants. Meanwhile it is OK for this guy to go on TV flaunting a Steelers JERSEY!
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  5. jcdavey

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    you know what's funny? donnie edwards is on record , saying that when he was in kc for his first tour of duty there, he wore a chargers tshirt under his chiefs uniform because everyone knew he was a chargers fan and from san diego, and that was just how he was.

    that story never garnered any attention because curt and tom are two of the best at what they do, and their team's had huge success.

    i mean, edwards was wearing not only a shirt of a team in the same sport, but a hated rival, yet he gets no attention from the media, and brady gets dissed for something far less, not even the same universe.
  6. patsgo

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    put it this way its like you or me who grew up in new england and are sox fans we move to san fran to play qb for the niners we then go to la and where a dodgers cap instead of a giants cap, whats the big deal! people arond here take their baseball a little to seriously, brady didnt grow up here so hes probably not a fan, its his business and choice
  7. skaIownsIyou

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    its cause brady's whole career was/still is in new england....schilling has been here and there

    go yanks!
  8. patsgo

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    because you play in a town it doesnt obligate you to root for every team in that town
  9. jcdavey

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    that would be a weird fan, to grow up a sox fan, move to san fran to be a qb, then turn into a dodgers fan and abandon their red sox....that's just a weird analogy

    last i heard, brady grew up a yanks fan.
  10. Caspir

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    H eidn't grow up a Yankees fan, from what I remember. He started cheering for them when his good friend Drew Henson was drafted into the organization.
  11. jcdavey

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    ah that makes sense
  12. patsgo

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    you miss the point ,you still are a red sox fan,your just wearing a cap just like brady, also because you wear a hat that doesnt mean your a fan of the team, brady grew up a giants fan, and moved to boston and went to ny and wore a ny cap , see the point now?
  13. Drewwho

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    There is NO difference between what Schilling did or what Tom Did other than Schilling flaunted the jersey on TV while Brady was not expecting to be photographed! Schilling can wear a Steelers Jersey on television with no problem at all, but Brady, walking privately down a street minding his own business and his picture, larger than life, gets the front page of the Herald and he is exposed as a traitor. We think it is a non story, but ESPN ran with it. Mike Greenburg of Mike & Mike went on and on about how Brady was 'stupid' and questioned his judgement. PTI made a big deal about it too saying Brady needs to take some time before returning to Boston. Red Sox fans have threatened him on their forums.

    The arguement that Schilling has played other places is riduiculous! Just because Brady has been with the Pats for his entire career does not mean we own him.

    If I'm Brady, I am pretty pissed that my picture is on the front page of the Herald that reads 'Yanks for Nothing Tom'!!!! I would say F Boston. I was a damned 6th round draft pick and owe you nothing. Here I am walking down the street with my girl and I am called a traitor because of my damned hat choice!!!! Boston can be so pathetic! We have no idea how to appreciate this guy...none at all!
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  14. patsgo

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    well said but its only the stupid media thats making a big deal about i think he knows that, any one with a half a brain wouldnt hold that against him
  15. zoostation

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  16. upstater1

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    I'm surprised you guys are New Englanders.

    When your QB is wearing a Mother ****en Yankees hat, it'll piss people off.

    The ratio of Steelers-hate among Patriot fans is overwhelming dwarfed by Yankee hate among Sox fans. I'd say it's like 1/1 millionth to 1. Ever see how Johnny Damon was treated upon returning to Fenway. I'm not sure Ty Law was treated to that many boos.

    Nor have a heard a "Steelers Suck" chant at a Patriots-Seahawks game.
  17. Boston Jay

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    I don't care what a player wears. Most of them probably never set foot in NE before playing here.

    On the other hand if my brother wore a Yankees cap (shudder).. I'd punch him.
  18. jcdavey

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    so you're saying he's not really a yanks fan?

    sounds like denial
  19. Drewwho

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    That is just lame! Sorry, but seeing our QB wear a NYY hat is no big deal to me and I am a huge Sox fan...always have been. I see no difference between the two circumstances. We have a pretty good rivalry with the Steelers, sure it is not Sox vs Yankees, but again Brady was not on TV publically flaunting his hat. Schilling on the other hand went on TV proudly wearing the oppossing QB's jersey...!!!!
  20. Aldogg

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    This whole story has taken an unnecessary turn in the pathetic department. If I was Tom Brady, I would walk into the Herald and look to throw blows with the person who decided to put him in his personal life on the front page, insulting him for a hat. I doesn't matter what the symbol is, or what team it represents, its a hat. I wore my Anaheim Ducks hat today, does that mean I am not a Patriots fan? Honestly, wearing a Yankees hat, no biggie, who honestly gives a rats you know what. Now, if he was running around in a Super Bowl champions Colts hat, or a Jets hat, or a hat of a Pats bitter rival, then there should be some outrage, but to wear a hat of a team that doesn't even compete in his sport, big deal. Honestly, I feel like the Boston media is doing everything in their power to get the Sox to be the big sports story, because while they have the best record in the league, beat their rivals 5 out of the last 6 times the last couple of weekends, everybody wants to talk about Moss, and AD, and Brandon Merriweather, and the moves the Pats have made. What better and more immature thing to do than "Look, its Tom Brady in a Yankees hat, slander him." Its not like he is Mike Vick, or Pacman Jones, or a Cincinnati Bengal getting arrested or caught with a bottle of water that smelled like weed or breeding pitbulls, he was wearing a freakin hat.

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