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Olmert is starting to loose the will of the Israeli People...

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Apparently there are concerns in Israel about this war amongst its people, seems that the policies of Olmert and his gov't are starting to be questioned by the populus.. maybe someday, the head politicos will figure out that most people do not like war and all alternatives should be pursued, prior to taking up arms.

    Olmert's support begins to waver as war drags on
    From Stephen Farrell in Metulla and Ian MacKinnon in Jerusalem

    AFTER four weeks basking in almost unwavering public support Ehud Olmert yesterday awoke to a fusillade of criticism from the Israeli press.
    Opinion polls questioned the Israeli Prime Minister’s handling of the Lebanon war and one front-page headline even demanded: “Olmert must goâ€.

    Hawkish generals had reportedly been pressing a reluctant Prime Minister to mount a larger offensive to the Litani river, even as diplomats talked of reaching the basis of a negotiated solution. Mr Olmert and his military commanders were attacked from the Right for putting their faith in airstrikes to stop Hezbollah’s rocket attacks instead of flooding Lebanon with troops early in the campaign, and by others for planning a huge escalation that would probably incur hundreds of troop casualties.

    A poll in Haaretz newspaper found only 48 per cent of respondents to be satisfied with Mr Olmert’s performance — down from 75 per cent. Only 20 per cent believe that Israel is winning the campaign

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