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    "The Patriots have the best offensive line in the AFC East. They have a bunch of experience and have been together for several years. Rookie tackle Ryan O'Callaghan has done a nice job filling in for starter Nick Kaczur in New England's mixture of zone and man-blocking schemes. "

    Those above them are thus:

    Cincinatti (what????????)
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    Does anyone else think O'Callaghan would be the starter even if Kaczur was healthy?
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    I'm surprised Washington is rated above the Pats.
  4. Battaglia

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    Im surprised Cinci and Washington are head at this point in the year. You could make that argument at the beginning of the year, especially with Cinci.
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    I'm not sure, but just the fact that he's done a good job as a rookie is a great thing. Our depth is good even with so many young players. Give this group a few years to jell and we're going to be ferocious.
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    Not an insider so couldn't read the article
    I would be interested in the method they used to evaluate Olines.
    There are many factors and I'm just not sure how they came to some of
    there rankings.

    When they say best Oline is thar overall? ... Run Blocking? .. Pass protection?
    Do they consider the defenses they played in their evaluation?
    Lot of questions here.
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    They don't really say anything to lead in on the rankings but this:
    Who has the NFL's best offensive line? We asked the experts from Scouts Inc., who broke it down from No. 1 to No. 32.

    Here is the entry for the Steelers to give you an idea of what they thought the "best" was.

    Offensive line coach and former Steeler Russ Grimm does an outstanding job with this team's line every year. This group didn't lose a starter from last season and remains very solid across the board. Pittsburgh drafts linemen every year and builds depth from within as well as any team in the league. Overall, this group has not played as well this season. However, not well for them still makes them better than anyone else in the NFL.
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    Also, they name the best player from each squad and have ours as Matt Light. While I agree its close, but I think I might just put Dan Koppen ahead of him.

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