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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by RodThePat, Nov 13, 2007.

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    And that's portuguese for you. Not spanish, portuguese. :D

    I'm just a brazilian guy who's been lurking around here since last year's playoffs. Figured it was time I signed up since I spend about 4 hours on this board every day.

    I've been a Patriots fan since I went to Boston on vacation in 1996. I was only six at the time but I brought home a lot of Patriots and Sox related stuff like hats, sweatshirts and the likes. My uncle who lived there at the time was a huge fan and kind of introduced me to the whole "american sports" world. Since last year we've been getting a lot of games live in our local TV so it's been much easier to keep up with the Pats and the rest of the NFL.

    I just get all kinds of confused looks when I teel people I like "american football", but I'm just in love with the sport and it might have surpassed soccer as the main focus of my interest in recent times.

    So that's it guys, just looking forward to some good discussions on this board. Lord knows I don't have opportunities to talk Patriots around here! :)
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    Brazilian football certainly has its own following around here, too! I've found myself accidentally in the middle of a few public World Cup celebrations over the years. Back when the Cup was played in the U.S. I had to drive home past a stadium where Brazil had just played and won....Traffic was 5 miles an hour because ecstatic drunken Brazilians kept dancing into the streets. :eat1:

    Glad to add another nation to the Patsfans.com world!

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