Ohhhh those turnovers....

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    First of all, I am still a proud Patriot fan who is very proud of his team, and a championship next year will further cement this as a bona fide dynasty.


    We outgained Denver 420-286.

    We held Denver to 3.0 ypc average rushing as a team.

    And yet we cough the ball up five times and lose by 2 TDs.

    And we were screwed twice by the officials which each led to one-yard Anderson runs, the interference on Samuel and the fumble by Bailey which should have been a touchback.

    I give Denver credit for not making these kinds of mistakes and capitalizing on ours. They deserve to move on, for sure. But we handed 24 points over to them, and that thought just plain hurts.

    This ensures that Indianapolis will win the SB. They will steamroll over Pittsburgh and Denver at home, then steamroll over whoever comes out of the NFC. Carolina is my pick to win the NFC and will give Indy a good game, but Goober will finally get his ring this year. (There, Ryan, are you happy?)

    Darn it, I am angry. My postgame article explains things in a little more reserved manner, but this hurts.

    But we're only dead until AUGUST!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and when do pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers???

    Bob G (venting, sorry all!)
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    If I told you we would lose once in 11 games because of tunrovers, would that sound bad?
    Lets not get plssed at the PAts for turning it over when they played 10 straight playoff games, and won them all, with almost none.

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