OG Krug re-signed to practice squad

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    Patriots re-sign offensive guard Krug to practice squad
    December 30, 2005

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. --The New England Patriots signed guard Ryan Krug to their practice squad on Friday.

    The 6-foot-4, 305-pound Krug originally joined the team as an undrafted free agent out of Connecticut on April 29, and has been released and re-signed three times.

    The re-signing of Krug brings the number of players on the Patriots' practice squad to seven, one shy of the league maximum

    He must have recovered from the injury that put him on crutches.
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    How BB/SP have been building the O-line; acquiring Left Tackles and Centers, then cross-training them.

    Left Tackles:
    Light - Purdue Draft
    Mankins - Fresno State Draft
    Kaczur - Toledo Draft
    Ashworth - Colorado FA
    Britt - Alabama FA
    Krug - Connecticut UFA

    Koppen - Boston College Draft
    Mruczkowski - Purdue UFA
    Hochstein - Nebraska FA
    Tucker - Princeton FA

    Right Tackle:
    Goren - RT Purdue FA

    Neal - Wrestler CSBakersfield UFA
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    Good catch. I never really though about that. Does it have anything to do with combining the size of tackles with the mind of centers?
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    I think it has more to do with BB's view on 'critical' positions vice plug and play positions. Left Tackle is usually the most athletic and capable pass blocker on an offensive line. The Center is the 'directer' of the offensive line and handles the ball on every play - and BB expects his Center to shotgun snap too. So you acquire LTs and C's or G's who can play C, and you feed Dante some raw meat for breakfast.

    Where things stand:

    Light - started at LT as a rookie, has three Super Bowl starts.
    Mankins - started at LG as a rookie, has shifted out to LT during situational sets in recent games.
    Ashworth - street FA/Practice Squad, proven swing tackle and is now a full member of the Troy Brown versatility brigade.
    Kaczur - started at LT as a rookie, proven swing tackle.
    Britt and Krug are both college LT's given to Dante for grins and giggles, want to bet Pioli's scouting report on them has tons of detail missing from other team's reports?

    Koppen - started at C as a rookie, has two Super Bowl starts.
    Hochstein - a member of the Troy Brown Brigade, has anyone noticed any bad snaps since Koppen went down? In addition to his TBB designation, has also done brief stints at T as an injury replacement.
    Mruczkowski - starting G and C at Purdue, another toy from Dante's toy chest.
    Tucker - started at G at Princeton, is listed on multiple football profiles as a T or G/T, started at both G slots and C in Buffalo......

    Gorin (has been crosstrained at G) and Neal (emergency T time) are both out of Dante's toy chest, and I forgot to list Yates, another Dante Toy who has made the transition to the active roster.....

    We are heading into our final game of the regular season with three LT's on the active roster Kaczur, Ashworth, Mankins, and three C's. We can field five O-linemen and one reserve right there, all of them under 30.

    Looking to the off-season, the only signing challenges are Ashworth and Neal.....

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